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IPL Photofacial Brown Spots. Will They Flake Off?

Is there a chance these brown spots that are all showing up after IPL photofacial might not flake off? I am 3 days out and they look like coffee... READ MORE

Why Do I Have No Visible Side Effects After 1 IPL?

I just had my first IPL treatment for minor acne scars, light sun spots, and mild discoloration on fair un-tanned skin. It has been 4 days since the... READ MORE

Is Extreme and Increasingly Worsening Facial Swelling Normal After IPL Treatment? (photo)

I received my first IPL treatment 72 hours ago for vascular lesions and broken capillaries. Six hours later experienced mild swelling and hardening... READ MORE

Redness And More Visible Broken Blood Vessels After IPL for Rosacea- Normal?

I had my first IPL treatment for rosacea a few days ago. My face is still red, and the my broken vessel is more visible. Is it normal on the first... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal Burns

Had hair removal IPL burns, would the burns leave trace or pigmentations? i am light skin female, had IPL burns 3 days ago on legs & arms,... READ MORE

IPL Under Eyes to Reduce Dark Circles- Will Results Continue To Improve In First Week?

I had my first IPL therapy performed under my eyes to help reduce the apperance of dark circles. I can see dramatic improvement (day three. I was... READ MORE

No Results from IPL Treatment?

I am a 46-year old female with with type high II/III skin and very minor signs of aging: a few brown spots, a couple of broken capillaries, a few... READ MORE

What to Expect After IPL Hair Removal on Legs?

Hi I had my first IPL session on full legs three days ago, prior to that I had a patch test. I was alright for the first day but now I have red... READ MORE

Severe Swelling After IPL Treatment

I had one ipl treatment and have severe swelling my eye area wasnt treated, yet my eyes are almost swollen shut after 3 days READ MORE

Small red spots after IPL? (photo)

I had an IPL treatment 3 days ago. Things are going fine, except I have a few flat, dark red spots under my eye in a small cluster (see pic). There... READ MORE

Grid marks/dark spots after IPL treatment of entire face in less than 15 minutes. Will my skin tone even out? (Photo)

After 3 days I still have these grid marks on my face. Will my skin tone even out? I went in and spoke with PA that preformed the proceedure and was... READ MORE

I have welts and broken capillaries on my cheeks 3 days after IPL. Should I be concerned? (photo)

I had IPL on my cheeks for broken capillaries 3 days ago. This is my 3rd time doing this and I have always had great results. I still use the same... READ MORE

Ipl Burns. I'm Scared I Am Going to Be Scarred?

I had an ipl performed this past Saturday, oct. 6. Afterwards I had severe pain and welts started appearing and turning purple/brown. The next day I... READ MORE

I Received Aggressive IPL Treatment 3 Days Ago. Is It Ok to Do Exercise (High Impact in the Heat) Yet?

I was told to wait a period of time but can't remember how long I was advised to wait. READ MORE

Facial Swelling after IPL. How can I help to speed up recovery?

Hi, I had IPL 3 days ago and my face is extremely swollen. I have events coming up this week and are concerned about appearing in public. My cheeks... READ MORE

IPL burned me 3 days ago! I'm devastated, how long will this take to heal? (Photos)

3 days ago, I got second degree burns from a too aggressive IPL treatment. I went back to the dr and he prescribed hydrocortisone and told me not... READ MORE

Will I have saggy skin now???? And permanent damage? (photo)

Hi I had an aggressive IPL on Friday and today my eyes and whole face are still swollen. I'm so scared in going to have permanent damage and stretched... READ MORE

Will my moon face ever go back to normal?

I had my first IPL treatment three days ago. I have hardly any brown spots but my whole face is swollen. It looks like I have been on prednisone for a... READ MORE

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