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Is There Another Form of Retainer / Invisalign Other Than Plastic?

I had invisalign for 15 months. Once thought I had thrush but it was negative. My tongue is swollen with white film. I have gargled with baking... READ MORE

Wearing Invisalign for 9 days before irritation on inside of bottom lip. Woke up with swollen upper lip. Allergic reaction?

Significantly swollen to where I was talking funny. I gargled in some Benadryl the swelling went down to where you can't notice by looking at me but I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Braces or Invisalign for a severe case?

I'm a 15 year old boy going into my sophomore year of high school. My teeth are very crowded and my bite is off. My ortho gave me Invisalign and the... READ MORE

Just started my invisalign treatment: Is it normal to have swollen saliva glands ?

Hi, I started my first invisalign tray yesterday and the area under my tongue is slightly swollen. My mouth is constantly watery since I'm wearing... READ MORE

I currently have Invisalign and have very intense pain and it feels swollen. Any suggestions? (photos)

I currently have Invisalign, I am on tray 14 of 34, and I change trays every 10 days. I've had this tray in for 8 days. Yesterday I had the trays out... READ MORE

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