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Invisalign - Is It Appropriate to Return to Tray 1 in the Middle of a Treatment Plan?

I am currently on tray 10 of 22 lower trays.Braces necessary to open space for implant crown. I was told that tray 11 didn't fit properly and was... READ MORE

Top Trays Have a Bubble That's Visible While Talking, Do I Have the Right to Ask the Doctor to Redo Them?

I'm on tray 6/43. My top has a button attached which you can see when I smile/talk. It's like a bubble on your teeth. I wasn't happy as... READ MORE

Invisalign Redo or Just Corrections Necessary to Fix Gap?

I went through the invisalign treatment. The retainer popped off on a Friday and my teeth shifted before Monday. My orthodontist said that my... READ MORE

I quit using my invisalign over a year ago. Can I continue, and if not, what should I do?

I know..irresponsible but due to my pregnancy and things like that, i just got off track I still have the tracks on my teeth, even a bracket! I want... READ MORE

Will I have to pay to have impressions redone or have to pay for all the parts of Invisalign all over again?

I started Invisalign back when I was a freshman in high school in 2008. Around junior year I got really lazy and just stopped wearing them because... READ MORE

Is it better to keep Invisalign attachments or to remove them and re-do everything- to have periodontal disease treated?

At invisalign tray number 7 the pain I was experiencing that I thought was due to teeth moving turned out to be periodontal disease(4-5-6mm pockets).... READ MORE

Can Invisalign help my teeth after bad crowns were placed? (photos)

Had 10top crowns done 8mths ago.Went 2 dentist who I thought I trusted but gave me more problems than I started with& wont give me a refund.Now stuck... READ MORE

Can the archives for Invisalign be checked to find the impression used for a 4 year old existing retainer?

My last retainer has been chewed by my puppy and as I haven't worn it for a week my teeth have moved slightly. Wouold prefer to have the old retainer... READ MORE

Previous Invisalign client...options? Teeth have regressed.

I had Invisalign done 8-9 years ago. I wore the retainers for a long time. However now I have two teeth that have regressed to their old spot. And... READ MORE

My Invisalign aligned has the last tooth fitting pointed 45 degrees diwn and away from my tooth.

It's ripping my mouth open because it's pointing down towards my bottom jaw and its forcing my teeth not to meet on my left hand side. I'm pretty sure... READ MORE

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