Headache + Invisalign

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What is the Correlation Between Invisalign and Reducing Headaches?

For those who are a candidate for invisalign to improve their bit and straighten teeth, how many have less headaches or jaw pain as a result? What... READ MORE

I am 5 days into using Invisalign, is this causing my head and ear pain/ache?

I am day 5 of tray one and all going ok but I have headache, and earache with slight ringing in ear.....coincidence or concern? I also have tenderness... READ MORE

Does Invasalign cause headaches?

Hi there. I am just completing week one of invasalign and have had incredible painful headaches this week. I am just curious if a side affect is a... READ MORE

Stopped Invisalign mid treatment (about three years ago)...

I stopped using my Invisalign trays about halfway through my one year treatment. I don't know what I was thinking...fast forward three years, my teeth... READ MORE

TMJ problems, headaches, and neck pain after Invisalign treatment, is there any solution? (Photos)

3 years ago after finishing the treatment I had horrible headaches, neck and face pain! The doctor said it's normal!!!! AND soled me different tipe of... READ MORE

Can Invisalign cause TMJ problems?

Ever since beginning Invisalign, I have been experiencing neck tension, facial pain, headaches, and sometimes dizziness. Can Invisalign cause TMJ? Or... READ MORE

Any suggestions for dislocated TMJ issue?

I have TMJ but not the worst, although my jaw recently was painful and dentist said it was dislocated. They said they think it may be the disc. Was... READ MORE

I'm on Invisalign but my jaw is hurting is this TMJ?

I'm almost done with my Invisalign but have experienced on and off pretty bad headaches. Now this month out of nowhere my left side jaw is hurting and... READ MORE

I'm doing Invisalign treatments on tray 25/33. I'm staring to have jaw pain, facial pain, and nonstop headaches, is this TMJ?

I am very concerned and need help. My Invisalign provider has trimmed down teeth thinking that's the issue when I bite down. But i am almost done... READ MORE

Could headaches caused by Invisalign?

I am in month 6 of 8 of my invisalign treatment. I've had a headache - dull pain around the temples - for a full week, with no other symptoms but... READ MORE

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