Black Triangles + Invisalign

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What Can I Do About "Black Triangles" Caused by Invisalign Treatment?

I started invisalign treatment in Feb. 08 for crooked teeth. I'm wearing the last tray for bottom teeth and the result is not nearly satisfying.... READ MORE

Black Triangles at Mid-point in the Treatment

I'm half way through the Invisalign treatment - main objective being to narrow the gaps in the upper teeth. Had no issue whatsoever with the lower... READ MORE

Invisalign and Black Triangles?

I am currently halfway through my invisalign process. I had IPR done in four different spots on my top teeth approximately 8 weeks ago. The gap... READ MORE

Teeth Shaving and Black Triangles w/ Invisalign?

I recently asked a question about what to do about small gaps in my teeth. My teeth seem to be larger at the bottom than top: Can this be corrected by... READ MORE

Is This Best I Can Expect from Invisalign?

I was referred to an ortho to evaluate two lower incisors that were loose due to occlusive trauma. I had braces as a child. My teeth were still pretty... READ MORE

Invisalign and Black Triangles? (photo)

After watching the clincheck video and beginning my treatment about a week ago I become worried about the animation that shows my top teeth will be... READ MORE

Invisalign Before or After Black Triangle Fixed?

I am thinking of having Invisline. I have an implant on the UR1 (upper right front tooth), and I now have a dark triangle there, as there is bone lost... READ MORE

Derma Filler to Fill Black Triangle Between Teeth During Invisalign?

I'm currently on Invisalign Express, which has exposed these triangles. Has anyone had any experience with using derma fillers to get rid of black... READ MORE

Can Invisalign use lead to gum black triangles?

Can the wearing of the Invisalign retainer lead to loss of gum tissue between the teeth and increase the risk of forming black triangles between... READ MORE

My Clincheck shows a black triangle. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I'm currently on the first tray of my Invisalign treatment. I asked to approve my Clincheck before the trays were made, but the tech never told my... READ MORE

Has anyone developed gaps that they did not have during treatment and do they close up ? Is the clincheck accurate? (photo)

I started Invisalign in Sept., I am at my tenth set and eight more to go. I Am angry because I have developed gaps on my front teeth. Staff member... READ MORE

Gaps on my upper teeth and black triangles on my bottom teeth. (photos)

It is very upsetting to hear that doctors will leave gaps in someone's teeth , especially if I never had any in my life . I refuse to bond my teeth ... READ MORE

Can I mask black triangles with a gingival mask while undergoing Invisalign? My smile is negatively impacting my life. (photos)

I am 1-year post-op with LANAP. My perio is now stable. I have 4 old veneers (20 years) on 7,8,9 & 10 that need to be replaced. I've been told... READ MORE

Can Invisalign utilized to align teeth to their original position post orthodontic treatment?

My wife, prior to getting braces, had a beautiful smile. She is 8 months into lingual braces, However, as the rotations have straightened out, she now... READ MORE

Would Invisalign work for me? (Photo)

I had braces from 2009-2012, and wore my retainers for three years until they were recently ran over by a car accidentally. I was never satisfied with... READ MORE

Can invisalign work in my case in order to fix the black triangle? Is IPR necessary in my case? (Photo)

I have à black triangle because of a dentiste and i am so sad i cant see my face in the miror i wanna to fix it with braces or invisalign and i am ... READ MORE

I am looking for opinions on my teeth as my ortho tells me Invisalign full treatment is finished (Photo)

Issues -My back molars do not touch and have a gap between them when my teeth are shut. -The front teeth have black triangles which have already had ... READ MORE

Can pressure from Invisalign aligners directly cause recession of the interdental papillae?

I'm not referring to the movement of teeth or contact points resulting in the "black triangle." I'm referring to the plastic of the invisalign... READ MORE

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