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What Are Invisalign "Buttons" and Where Are They Attached.

I just got my x-rays, etc. yesterday. Can someone explain this attachments/buttons thing to me? That is not something I had been educated on... do... READ MORE

Whitening with Invisalign Tray and Attachments?

My dentist gave me whitening gel to use with invisalign trays - I have about 3 months left in my initial trays. However, I have a number of... READ MORE

Invisalign - Clear Buttons?

I Just Got Invisalign.  All Advertisement Shows Completely Clear Trays. I was upset that my doctor put all these white colored buttons on my... READ MORE

Do the Invisalign Attachments Stay on for the Entire Treatment?

I got 18 on the first appointment which I'm rather unhappy about as I thought my teeth seemed pretty good in the first place and am a little... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wear the Invisalign Attachments?

I've just gotten my second Invisalign tray today. My dentist placed 4 attachments on my front teeth, and I now have 17 trays all up. How long do I... READ MORE

Invisalign Refinement. is my Second Go,

I am on tray 6 of 11 (top) and 21 (bottom), with 2 attachments (top) and 5 (bottom). I am 62 years old, and had braces many years ago. My orthodontist... READ MORE

Back Vs Front Placement of Invisalign Button

With Invisalign, I understand that it is now possible to place the buttonattachments on the BACK of the teeth to make it completely hidden. Is this... READ MORE

Should my teeth feel rough after removal of attachments?

My orthodontist drilled the attachments off and now my teeth feel abraded when I run my tongue over them. I'm worried this has seriously reduced my... READ MORE

Attachments and Fit. Having Complications With My Trays? (photo)

1) attachments keep falling off the day of the boding (soft diet) and at least 3hrs before trying to eat anything or remove the trays. (solid black... READ MORE

So depressed after getting Invisalign today--attachments are obvious?

I am very frustrated and sad right now.  I had braces when I was a teenager and from not wearing a retainer, my lower jaw crowded.  I opted... READ MORE

2 Days Post Invisalign:

I got my invisalign w/attachments yesterday. I feel as though I have cement or glue in places where it shouldn't be. When I flossed last night, I... READ MORE

Can the Removal of Invisalign Attachments Cause Dulling of Enamel?

I just picked up my Invisalign Express trays yesterday and had attachments placed (2 upper, 4 lower). I was concerned about damage to the enamel upon... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Invisalign Plan with Attachments After Receiving the Trays?

Promised no attachments on my front teeth but when my trays arrived w/ attachments she said she thought I only wanted "less" attachments. Told me to... READ MORE

How can I whiten my Invisalign attachments/buttons after they've been stained from Indian curry? Whitening strips do not work.

I just got invisalign a few days ago with attachments on my canines and molars. Lucky I do not have attachments on the four front teeth. I asked for... READ MORE

Can People Kissing You Feel the Attachments?

I just started today and have the buttons on 4 teeth. They are sharp and look like fangs. Of course they are a little hidden w the trays in but when I... READ MORE

Why So Many Attachments on my Teeth (Invisalign Treatment)? (photo)

Why do I need so many attachments on my teeth? I've just received the ClinCheck and I am quite disappointed ...I do not know what to do. On the one... READ MORE

How Do You Fix a Gap Thats Been Created Between the Teeth Due to Over-drilling? (photo)

I just went to my orthodontists office because one of the attachments (or buttons) came off when I was taking off my Invisalign and needed it... READ MORE

My Attachment keep coming off? (photo)

I don't know what to do!!!!????? I got my attachments replaced by the dentist( himself this time) and because they was coming off so often he prolong... READ MORE

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