Injectable Fillers Videos

When to use Radiesse for Non-Surgical Facial Sculpting

Dr. Alexander Rivkin explains that Radiesse is most useful for treating volume loss and for sharpening poorly defined contours in areas such as the cheeks, the chin and the nose. He discusses when he uses Radiesse and when he opts for other fillers. VIEW NOW

Sculptra: See This Woman's Injections

Nurse Shahdi at Dr. Stephen J. Ronan's office administers Sculptra injections. VIEW NOW

Juvederm and Restylane: What are the Differences?

Dr. Richard W. Westreich explains some of the core differences between Restylane and Juvederm, and what each filler is best for. VIEW NOW

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What are Facial Fillers? An Overview

Dr. Victor Chung explains facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, which are used to improve the contours of the face. VIEW NOW

Juvederm: Types and Uses

Dr. Victor Chung discusses the Juvederm family of fillers: Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Juvederm Voluma XC. All three fillers vary in thickness for use in different areas of the face. VIEW NOW

A Family of Facial Fillers — A Doctor Explains Restylane

Dr. Victor Chung discusses Restylane Silk, Restylane L, and Restylane Lyft, explaining their differences and uses for the face. VIEW NOW

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Softening the Face With Juvederm

Dr. Shaun Patel injects a 41-year-old woman in the temples with Juvederm. She was previously treated with Voluma to the midface and cheek area. VIEW NOW

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Lip Augmentation: A Doctor Demonstrates the Cannula Technique

Dr. John Burroughs shows how the lips can be enlarged with filler using a 25-gauge cannula, which can minimize bruising, discomfort and decrease risk. VIEW NOW

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Lip Injections With Juvederm

Dr. David Shafer injects a woman with Juvederm for lip augmentation to achieve a fuller look. VIEW NOW


Eye Irritation and Blurred Vision — Was Restylane the Cause?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a concern about a woman's eyes becoming irritated six days receiving filler injections, explaining that fillers are unlikely to be the source of her discomfort this long after treatment. Dr. Prasad then advises next steps. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley briefly discusses how minimally invasive procedures such as Botox, Fillers, and Thermocool can be used for facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Cheek Enhancement and Treating Fine Lines — See This Woman's Injections

Dr. Adelle Quintana injects a woman's face with hyaluronic acid and Belotero to combat lines and give volume and lift to the cheeks. VIEW NOW

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Injectable Fillers: Uses and Benefits

Dr. Rebecca Baxt discusses the injectable fillers Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra, and how they can work in various areas of the face for lines and contouring, as well as across all age groups. VIEW NOW

Putting Your Best Face Forward After 50

The Plastic Surgery Channel features Dr. Shaun Parson and Dr. Clifford Clark offering some advice on improving the signs of aging for people over the age of 50 and how to treat things like wrinkles, sagging skin and volume loss. VIEW NOW