Hair Transplant Videos

FUE Hair Transplant Results for an African-American Male

Traditional tools have had a high failure rate for African-American men and women who have tightly curled hair, but you can watch how Dr. Sanusi Umar was able to overcome that problem by using the UPunch Curl during this man's FUE transplant. VIEW NOW

Eyelash Transplant Using Leg Hair for Voluminous Results

Dr. Sanusi Umar was able to give this woman real, fuller lashes with an eyelash transplant, making lash extensions unnecessary. He explains how he used thin leg hair that required minimal trimming and no perming for a natural curl. VIEW NOW

FUE or FUT: Which Hair Transplant Procedure Is Best for You?

Dr. Christopher Varona shares some general guidelines guidelines to help candidates decide which hair transplant procedure could be best for them and their circumstances. VIEW NOW

After Hair Transplant Results From an FUE Transplant

Dr. Sanusi Umar performed an FUE hair transplant with the UGraft device to give this man a youthful hairline. He shares his techniques to achieve these results in the video. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Results After 1 Year

Dr. John Diep performed a hair transplant to restore the hair on this man's hairline and scalp area. See the before and after comparison after a year and 4,000 grafts later. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant Results with Before & After Photos

Dr. John Diep discusses the results seen during this man's follow up after one year. While he was suffering from severe baldness just 365 days ago, he now has a full head of hair. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant Results using NeoGraft Restoration

Dr. Michael Lynch and his colleague Dr. Joseph Hill discuss the advantages of NeoGraft hair transplants in comparison to traditional hair transplant methods on a local news show. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Before & After: See the Results 1 Year After Surgery

Dr. John Diep shares the results of a patient, Mark, one year after his 3,300 graft hair transplant. VIEW NOW

How Long Does Hair Transplant Surgery Usually Take?

Dr. Craig Ziering outlines the expected length of a typical hair transplant procedure and the various nuances that can affect that timeline, like the harvest type and number of grafts. VIEW NOW

Myths About Hair Loss

Dr. Craig Ziering discusses some common misconceptions in the world of hair restoration. He emphasizes the importance of telling possible candidates what they need to know, and not what they would like to hear. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant: See What the Recipient Site Looks Like 1 Day After Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Watson shares a video showing what Lance's recipient site looks like a day after surgery, placing over 1,000 grafts during his FUE hair transplant. Lance's hair will fall out in about 10 days and begin to regrow in about 3 months. VIEW NOW

Only 5 Days Post-Op: Lance Shares His FUE Hair Transplant Results

Dr. Jeffrey Watson shares this video of Lance, who is already seeing the results of his 1000 graft FUE hair transplant procedure in less than a week. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant: See What an FUE Donor Site Looks Like 1 Day Post-Op

Dr. Jeffrey Watson shares the healing progress of Lance's donor site just 12 hours after his hair transplant. Within two weeks the spots will fade and his hair will grow out, so any signs of surgery will be minimal. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Harvesting Hair Grafts for an FUE Hair Transplant

Dr. Jeffrey Watson demonstrates what harvesting hair grafts looks like when undergoing an FUE hair transplant. His patient Lance is a 43-year-old nurse who has continuously lost hair since he was 20. With the FUE method, he can avoid strip scars. VIEW NOW

Eyebrow Transplant Using Fine Nape Hair Extracted With DrUGraft Revolution FUE Hair Transplant Technique

Dr. Sanusi Umar explains the benefits of using hair from the nape of the neck for eyebrow transplants, as opposed to donor hair from the head which grows coarser and faster, resulting in harsher eyebrows that require frequent trimming. VIEW NOW