Hair Transplant Videos

How Effective is Stem Cell Therapy When Combined With a Hair Transplant?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this man's question and photos and recommends a treatment plan for his thinning hair. VIEW NOW

Traction Alopecia from Braids and Tight Hairstyles Likely Need Hair Transplant for Restoration

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this woman's photo and question about hair loss caused by years of braided hairstyles, and explains the tension on the hair damaged hair follicles, so transplanting is the likely solution. VIEW NOW

Are Hair Transplants Really Scarless?

Every surgery leaves scars, but some patients are told that their hair transplant can be scarless. Not true, says Dr. Bernard Arocha. VIEW NOW

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How Young Is too Young for a Hair Transplant?

Dr. Bernard Arocha, discusses his efforts to counsel young men in their teens regarding their hair restoration options, including Propecia and Rogaine, as well as adjustments to diet to ensure they are protecting the hair they have. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains 3 Degrees of Female Pattern Hair Loss

Dr. Bernard Arocha discusses hair loss among women. One of the major trends in hair transplantation is the growth in women seeking help. Currently, women make up approximately 20 percent of Dr. Arocha's patients. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant Shock Loss: Learn What It Is and How It Can be Avoided

Dr. Bernard Arocha discusses the incidence of accelerated loss of existing hair immediately following hair transplant surgery. He offers tips for what patients can do to prevent shock loss and to help their surgeon on transplant day. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant: This Doctor Shares His Knowledge About Donor Density, Tension, and Elasticity

Dr. Bernardino Arocha discusses the art and the science of harvesting hair follicles, including the importance of density, tension, and elasticity. VIEW NOW

The Truth About Scars — What Every Hair Transplant Patient Should Know

Every patient should know the difference between fluff and reality — especially when it comes to something as serious and permanent as hair transplants. Dr.Bernardino Arocha, discusses the pros and cons of scars left after transplant procedures. VIEW NOW

Advanced UGraft FUE Hair Transplant Repair - See This Man's Dramatic Transformation

Dr. Sanusi Umar performed this man's UGraft Advanced FUE Hair Transplant Repair after poor results from hair reductions, and strip surgeries that left him bald, with multiple scars and deformed. Hair from the chest, beard, and stomach area were used. VIEW NOW

26-Year-Old Man With Thinning Hair — Is PRP for Hair Loss an Option

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this man's photos and questions about diffuse hair loss. He explains why a hair transplant could cause loss of nearby hairs and cannot keep up with hair loss progression in the 20s, and the limits of PRP. VIEW NOW

How to Establish Realistic Expectations With Your Doctor

When you talk to your hair transplant surgeon, make sure you are both in agreement on the final result of your surgery. Dr. William Rassman says that expectations are very important and you should have a clear understanding of the end result. VIEW NOW

Have 2 Hair Transplant Harvesting Techniques Explained

There are two techniques in harvesting grafts for a hair transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (strip method). Dr. William Rassman explains the differences between the two methods. VIEW NOW

Beard Transplants: It Can Be Done

Can you get a full beard? Yes, says Bernardino Arocha. Learn more. VIEW NOW

Restoring Hair to the Front and Hairline: See These Before & Afters 1 Year Post-Op

Dr. Bernardino Arocha shares results from hair transplant surgery one year after the procedure. VIEW NOW