Hair Transplant Videos

See the Procedure: FUT Hair Transplant

Dr. Karthik Ram demonstrates how hair transplants can be used to fill in the front hairline and thicken the front half of the scalp. VIEW NOW

The Day of Your Neograft Procedure: What Should to Expect

Dr. Mark Berkowitz walks you through a typical day during a NeoGraft procedure. VIEW NOW

Hair Restoration: Do You Qualify For Neograft?

Dr. Mark Berkowitz discusses a few different methods to help you decide if you are eligible for a Neograft procedure. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Dr. Omeed Memar and staff perform a NeoGraft treatment from the back of the scalp. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Dr. Omeed Memar harvests hair for an Artas Robotic Hair Transplant. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: FUE Hair Transplant (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Robert Jones provides in inside look on an FUE Hair Transplant. The patient received a total of 3000 grafts. VIEW NOW

See the Results: Hair Transplants with Over 5,500 Grafts

Dr. John Diep discusses the patient's hair transplant results after he received over 5,500 hair grafts. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant: How to Treat A Receding Hairline

Dr. Anthony Bared describes the plan for a 32-year-old male seeking to fill in receding hairline. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant: See the Treatment Plan

Dr. Anthony Bared describes the treatment plan for hairline restoration in a 37-year-old male. VIEW NOW

KEEP for Hair Transplants: Improve Results with the Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer

Dr. Koray Erdogan shares the results of the Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer, which prevents damage to the hair grafts to get better results when planting them. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Success: 1200 Grafts Transformed This Man's Hair

Dr. William Yates shares the success story of this man's hair transformation. He was balding at a young age, but after his procedure with 1200 grafts he now has a full head of hair again. VIEW NOW

Hair Loss Treatment: Can PRP Treat Damage From Traction Alopecia?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this woman's question about whether or not PRP can her hair loss, which appears to be caused by traction alopecia from tightly pulled hair that results in permanent damage to hair follicles. VIEW NOW

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See How Hair Is Harvested for a Hair Transplant

Dr. P. Daniel Ward demonstrates how hair is harvested for hair transplants. VIEW NOW

NeoGraft Hair Transplant: No Scars or Lines

Dr. Michael Gold joins RealSelf in New Orleans for ASDS 2016, where he discusses how NeoGraft hair transplants provide natural results because there is no scarring or strips involved in the procedure. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant for Fuller Eyebrows

Dr. Anthony Bared reviews eyebrow transplantation results on a woman who desired a fuller appearance to her naturally thin eyebrows. VIEW NOW

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