Female Hair Transplant Month By Month Progress | Traction Alopecia

In this female hair transplant month by month progress video we see a quick summary of Tanya month by month after her hair transplant to correct traction alopecia. Traction Alopecia, this hair loss patient suffered from Traction Alopecia. VIEW NOW

Using chest and beard hair as donor hair for hair transplant

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Bared, MD, FACS describes before and after results on a male patient after FUE transplant and reviews his techniques using beard and chest hair for secondary hair transplant procedures. VIEW NOW

Eyebrow Transplant (Patient Experience)

Here is a video of another procedure performed by Dr. Dauer. This female patient of his received eyebrow transplant via FUT. VIEW NOW

FUE Method Hair Transplant Results

FUE Method Hair Transplant performed by Dr. Marc Dauer, MD on male patient. Here you will see the full procedure as well as POST OP video and one year after surgery. VIEW NOW

How Hair Grafts are Prepared for Hair Transplants

Hair graft microscope dissection: One by one the hair grafts are inspected, separated and prepared for placing. VIEW NOW

Non-invasive Hair Restoration Treatment Options

This video describes two novel techniques for hair restoration that does not involve expensive hair transplantation. VIEW NOW

What Are Follicular Units

Many people have heard of follicular units while researching hair restoration, some are not sure of what they are or how they are used in hair transplantation. In this video, Dr. Wolfeld explains exactly what they are and how they are used. VIEW NOW

Female Hair Transplant and Hair Line Rounding

This mid 20's female patient wanted to wear her hair back without having to worry about her thinning temples. It only took about 500 grafts for a very subtle change. Sometimes SUBTLE changes makes all the difference. She is back at work next day! VIEW NOW

The Importance of Native Hair in Hair Loss Treatment

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a man's concern about minoxidil's decreased effect over 2 years, and his plan for a transplant, explaining how effects do wane, and importance of treating native hair before a transplant. VIEW NOW

Why Hair Transplants in Diffuse Hair Loss Cases can Cause Greater Hair Loss

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a man's concern about minoxidil no longer working, so he asks about PRP and hair transplant, explaining transplants in his diffuse pattern will result in collateral loss of native hair. VIEW NOW

Tips for Dying Hair After Hair Transplant

Explaining how long you should wait after hair transplants before coloring your hair. VIEW NOW

Tips for Sleeping After Hair Transplant

Explaining the best positions for sleeping after a recent hair transplant. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant Results 12 Months After Surgery

A superb example of the back of the scalp 12 months post FUE Surgery see how the density of the donor region can look after grafts have been removed and existing hair follicles have regrown. This was a 1,500 Grafts extraction from the donor region. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant Results 1 Year After Surgery

A great example of how the back of the scalp known as the donor region should look 12 months after hair transplant surgery - the back should not be compromised and look thin - it appears normal and allows for more surgery later on if required. VIEW NOW

FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplant Results 12 Months Post Surgery

The thin scar that remains after a linear strip FUT surgery should be easy to hide with your existing hair, all be it long, it should be thin and hidden from view - this video shows exactly that. a very neat scar post FUT Hair Transplant Surgery. VIEW NOW