Hair Transplant Videos

Why All Hair Transplant Techniques Involve Scars

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a question about the best hair transplant technique to avoid scars if the head is shaved due to unsatisfactory results, explaining types of scarring inherent to all transplant techniques. VIEW NOW

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Benefits of FUE Hair Transplants Compared to FUT

There are several benefits of a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant. Dr. Wolfeld explains these benefits compared to that of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedures. VIEW NOW

Why Hair Transplant Results can Take a Full Year to Finalize

Dr. Wolfeld explains why doctors recommend waiting a full year to assess the outcome of a hair transplant. VIEW NOW

How Obvious is a Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr. Wolfeld addresses a topic many prospective patients ask about in the hair loss consultation. How long after a hair transplant will it be noticeable that they had a procedure? VIEW NOW

Showering Guidelines After a Hair Transplant

Dr. Wolfeld answers a common question about showering after a hair transplant. Some patients are concerned that they will dislodge transplanted grafts in the shower, but it is important to follow the showering protocol to help the healing process. VIEW NOW

Neograft Hair Transplant Results

Learn more about NeoGraft Hair Restoration and how this procedure can help you restore thinning or balding hair. VIEW NOW

How Much Hair Loss is Natural?

Dr. Glenn Charles talks about shedding. Everyone sheds, and it's normal to shed hair but there is definitely a difference between normal and too much VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Graft Numbers

Dr. Baubac discusses graft ranges, how large the typical hair restoration procedure is, and the importance of density. VIEW NOW

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Hair Loss

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi discusses stand-alone Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment to hair loss patients as well as PRP Therapy in combination with hair restoration procedures. VIEW NOW

Sun Exposure and Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Glenn Charles discusses post hair transplant sun exposure. We suggest waiting until the transplanted area is completed healed before having direct exposure to the sun. Wear a strong SPF and hat to be safe! VIEW NOW

Weightlifting and Hair Loss

Dr. Glenn Charles discusses weightlifting and hair loss. Hair loss can raise testosterone levels which may increase the chances of hair loss but hair loss is typically more linked to supplements that are taken while working out. VIEW NOW

Scarring with Hair Transplants: FUT vs. FUE

Dr. Glenn Charles discusses scarring that results from hair transplants. Both FUT & FUE cause scarring but there are differences. VIEW NOW

Fibers to Conceal Hair Loss

Dr. Glenn Charles discusses the use of fibers to conceal hair loss and hair thinning. They are completely fine to use as long as they are washed out daily VIEW NOW

PRP and Hair Loss

Dr. Glenn Charles discusses the method of PRP and when it is a good option. PRP typically works best when used in conjunction with a hair transplant procedure. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Scabbing Post-Op

Dr. Charles talks about the scabbing that can happen post hair transplant procedure. He talks about ways to gently remove them. VIEW NOW