Hair Transplant Videos

Missing Your Eyebrows? This Doctor Explains Transplant Options

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how an eyebrow transplant works and what you should expect. VIEW NOW

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Stabilizing Hair Loss Before Hair Transplants

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a 28-year-old man's concern about when to get a hair transplant, and how many grafts are needed, explaining it is more important to stabilize, stop, or reverse hair loss before transplant. VIEW NOW

Hairline Transplant Results After 1 Year

Frontal bald head treatment to restore lowered hairline. The one year follow-up shows the hairline is very natural and dense. VIEW NOW

Hairline Restoration Surgery Result After 1 Year

Natural and dense hairline lowering restoration surgery result 1 year after 2,722 hair grafts transplanted by Dr. Diep with excellent result. Hairline restoration surgery is an art form, framing the face and enhancing facial features. VIEW NOW

Hair Restoration Treatments for Men and Women

Dr. Steven Schuster explains the differences in modern hair restoration treatments and how they can help regrow natural looking hair. VIEW NOW

Hair Restoration and Transplant Options

Dr. Rednam discusses hair restoration options from medical treatment to minor office procedures and transplantation. VIEW NOW

FUT Hair Restoration Results 6 Months After Surgery

This patient had a FUT performed 6 months prior. The incision area is extremely faint and the patient says he can barely see the scar. VIEW NOW

Differences Between FUT and FUE Hair Restoration

Each of these graft harvesting methods can be an excellent option for hair restoration surgery. There are a few key difference with each method. VIEW NOW

Hair Dye and the Possible Effects on Hair Loss

Dr. Glenn Charles discusses hair dye and hair loss. Many people wonder if they can actually lose their hair due to hair dye. VIEW NOW

Long Hair Transplant Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

A small demonstration of long hair transplant. This technique allows implantation of roots with long hair. It is a better technique since it is easier for patient to get back to work faster.Unshaven procedures are also possible. Av. Cost 1000-3000 $ VIEW NOW

Issues That Lead to Poor FUE Hair Transplant Results

“A powerful FUE workshop inspired by the wisdom of ancient Greece and the strength of Zeus” Athens, Greece June 22-24, 2017 VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant to Fix Extreme Advanced Hair Loss

This client had extreme advance hair loss. This client had over 2,500 hair grafts transplanted by Dr. Diep during 1 year follow up. This client has very dense hair result. VIEW NOW

Front and Edge Hair Loss Treatment

This client had over 2,500 hair grafts transplanted by Dr. Diep into the frontal area. Dr. Diep restore this young man hairline. The hair result is very natural and dense. VIEW NOW

Hairline Lowering Surgery by FUE Hair Transplant

Natural hairline restoration with increased hair density in the frontal area 1 year after over 3,000 hair grafts transplanted by Dr. Diep using the FUE method. This client is half Asian and half Caucasian. The hair result is very natural and dense. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Surgery After Care

Explanation of post op care and shampoing for the fi rst ten days after hair transplant procedure. Patient needs to use special shampoo, be gentle and use low pressure water. Scabs can be removed after ten days following the procedure. VIEW NOW