Hair Transplant Videos

Missing Your Eyebrows? This Doctor Explains Transplant Options

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how an eyebrow transplant works and what you should expect. VIEW NOW

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Hair Loss Treatment Consultation Details

Dr. Michael Wolfeld discusses what he does when he receives a photo consult and what information the patient can expect. VIEW NOW

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Can stress cause hair loss? Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi addresses what type of patients can lose their hair due to stress. VIEW NOW

Why You Need to Wash Your Hair Twice a Day After a Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant, why do patients need to wash their hair twice per day? Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains how this hair washing process minimizes scabbing. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant: What is Shock Loss?

Shock loss happens to many patients after stress and this includes patients with active hair loss or a hair transplant. Dr. Parsa Mohebi shares how shock loss can be minimized or eliminated. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant: When Can I get a Haircut and Dye my Hair?

Many people ask when they can get a haircut or dye their after a hair transplant. Dr. Parsa Mohebi gives you the timeline for cutting and coloring after a hair restoration procedure. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Results to Frame the Face

Does framing the face enhance the overall proportion of the facial area whether or not a patient needs a hair transplant? Dr. Parsa Mohebi shares how facial framing works on balding patients as well as those with a full head of hair. VIEW NOW

Difference Between Female Hairline Lowering and a Hair Transplant

Although not discussed as often as male hair loss, females also suffer from this medical condition. Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains the difference between female hairline lowering and a hair transplant. VIEW NOW

FUE Surgery Results After 22 Hours

Dr. Christopher Varona shows us what the donor area looks like 1 day after manual FUE surgery with a small punch. Dr. Varona personally does the extraction, averaging from 750 to 1200 grafts per hour. VIEW NOW

When can I Start Using Toppik After a Hair Transplant?

Toppik camouflages hair loss on the scalp of a person. Dr. Parsa Mohebi tells us how long it takes after a hair transplant before this concealer product can be used. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant Results After 1 Month

Dr. Jeffrey Watson and his patient Lance chronicle his FUE hair transplant journey. In this video, Lance shares what his hair looks like 25 days after his operation and how much his hair has been shedding. VIEW NOW

How Hair Follicles are Separated in an FUT Hair Transplant

Dr. Amit Gupta demonstrates how hair follicles are separated to reduce the bulk of the graft. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant: How Hair Follicles are Placed

Dr. Amit Gupta demonstrates the how hair follicles are implanted during a live hair transplant, one of the most important and meticulous parts of the procedure. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant Results After 18 Days

Dr. Jeffrey Watson's patient Lance shares the results throughout his hair transplant journey. Here he shares what the treated area looks like after 18 days post-operation and how the results have been coming along thus far. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant Process and Results Demonstration

Dr. Jeffrey Watson demonstrates how the individually harvested hairs are meticulously transferred one at a time to Lance's frontal hairline. The procedure has minimal pain and most patients relax and sleep while it takes place. VIEW NOW