Hair Transplant Videos

Missing Your Eyebrows? This Doctor Explains Transplant Options

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how an eyebrow transplant works and what you should expect. VIEW NOW

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See These 3000 Graft Hair Transplant Results After 2 Years

Dr. Bernadino Arocha shares this before and after video of a man who received 3000 grafts with post-op results after 2 years. VIEW NOW

This Man Shares His NeoGraft Hair Transplant Journey

Dr. E. Ronald Finger shares this video of a man who received 2500 grafts for a NeoGraft hair transplant. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Walks Through a Typical Consultation for a Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr. William Yates gives an example of how to properly educate and treat your patients during a consultation. VIEW NOW

Is it Safe to Have a PRP Treatment After a Hair Transplant?

Listen as Dr. Edward Dickerson answers if it's safe to have a PRP treatment after receiving a hair transplant. VIEW NOW

Learn About Organic Hair Transplantation

Dr. Bulent Cihantimur explains the differences between a normal hair transplant and an organic hair transplant. VIEW NOW

How to Wash Your Hair After a Hair Transplant

Once you’ve undergone a hair transplant, how do you care for your hair? Dr. Parsa Mohebi’s staff walks you through the steps of how you can properly wash hair after a hair transplant because proper care is the key to protecting your new hair. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant in Young Patient with Advance Hair Loss

Dr. Parsa Mohebi takes you into the operating room for a young man with advanced hair loss. Dr. Mohebi also shows what goes into designing a new hairline and how the design goes from concept to reality. VIEW NOW

Restoring a Receding Hairline: How Many Grafts Do I Need?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews the photos of a 29-year-old man asking how many grafts he would need for a decent hairline. VIEW NOW

Successful Hair Transplant Results and Review

Dr. Kavish Chouhan shares this video of a man who underwent the B.E.S.T FUE procedure with a baldness level of 5. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains FUE Hair Transplant With NeoGraft

Dr. Ashley Curtis discusses follicular unit extraction, FUE, for hair restoration surgery. She also explains the benefits of using the automated NeoGraft device in conjunction with FUE hair transplants. VIEW NOW

The Ideal Candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction

Dr. Edmond Griffin discusses who is an ideal candidate for follicular unit extraction, FUE. VIEW NOW

See This Man's Hair Transplant Journey From Start to Finish

Dr. Marc Dauer shares this video of a man who received a FUT hair transplant. His results are shown throughout the span of a year and describes his experience undergoing the procedure. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Shares Hair Transplant Results After 6 Months

Dr. John Diep used over 5,600 hair grafts to restore this man's hairline and temples. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplants: What Makes Asian Hair Different?

Dr. Parsa Mohebi discusses how Asian hair quality is different and what other factors make operating on Asian patients a challenge. VIEW NOW