Hair Transplant Videos

Missing Your Eyebrows? This Doctor Explains Transplant Options

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how an eyebrow transplant works and what you should expect. VIEW NOW

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Shock Hair Loss: Why Am I Losing Hair After my Hair Transplant Procedure?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a man's concern about losing hair 75 days after a hair transplant. He explains how transplanted and native hair can enter shock loss from trauma of surgery, and how to improve hair transplant results. VIEW NOW

NeoGraft Hair Transplant: Learn About the Procedure

Dr. Joel Beck walks through a NeoGraft hair transplant procedure and to expect. VIEW NOW

Hair Loss Treatments: PRP vs. PRP Hair Regeneration Combination Treatment

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about the difference of PRP alone, versus a PRP combination procedure. He discusses short-term and long-term results, treatment frequency, and ways to stop or reduce hair loss. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Discusses Important Considerations for Hair Restoration

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi discusses hair restoration harvesting methods, the importance of donor preservation, artistry in the design of a procedure and the importance of focus while performing a hair transplant. VIEW NOW

Hair Restoration: The Importance of Sustaining Your Results

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a man's question about the important factors of hair transplant in the future. He explains how great results can be achieved short-term, but sustaining results long-term is more important. VIEW NOW

ARTAS Hair Transplant: How Will I Look After the Procedure?

Dr. Gregory Turowski describes the typical experience of an ARTAS robotic hair transplant patient, the differences between robotic and manual surgeries, as well as FUE and strip procedures. VIEW NOW

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant: Harvesting Hairs

Dr. Omeed Memar shares a video of an ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation. The grafts are punched out by the robot and the grafts are collected by hand. VIEW NOW

This Man Shares His Experience Immediately After His Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr. Ken Anderson presents an ARTAS patient immediately following his surgery, who then talks about the surgery and what it was like after the final grafts were placed. VIEW NOW

See a Live Surgery With the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System

Dr. Ken Anderson shows us how a surgeon performs hair transplant surgery using the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, extracting a single follicle at a time from the donor area with zero linear scarring. VIEW NOW

Linear FUT Hair Transplant: How Does the Wound Look Right After Being Stitched Up?

Dr. Ken Anderson demonstrates what a linear wound on the scalp looks like immediately after a traditional linear strip FUT procedure. This method of hair restoration requires no shaving of the scalp and leaves a fine-line scar on the scalp. VIEW NOW

24 Days After ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Dr. Ken Anderson narrates as we get a closer look at a scalp 24 days following an ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant procedure. VIEW NOW


Techniques in ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Dr. Ken Anderson discusses the techniques in ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery. The placement of a tensioner is one of the most critical aspects of robotic surgery of the scalp. VIEW NOW

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Former Tennessee Titans Player Craig Hentrich Discusses His NeoGraft Procedure

Dr. Joseph Greco III shares this video of Craig Hentrich discussing his experience with the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure. VIEW NOW

Step-By-Step Walkthrough of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe's team walks you through every step of the hair transplant process in this video. VIEW NOW