Sleep + Hair Transplant

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Is it normal to have a headache after a hair transplant? (Photo)

I did a hair transplant 9 days ago and all in all is good but Iam worried about a constant crazy painful headache I cannot sleep and I want to know... READ MORE

Can I sleep on the back where the new graft hairs hit the pillow directly?

I am 3- weeks post-opt. I had hair transplant on my crown. My question is : can I sleep on the back where the new graft hairs hit the pillow directly... READ MORE

23 days after hair transplant, while I was sleeping, I found that I was rubbing my transplanted head on pillow (Photo)

I was feeling itchy while sleeping.Some 15 or 20 hairs fell on my pillow. Will they grow back? READ MORE

What is the possibility that sleeping on the recipient site the first night after hair transplant dislodged my hair?

I had hair transplant to fix my strip scar. I slept between two big duffel bags to make sure I slept on my side the whole night. Unfortunately, one... READ MORE

Hair Transplant: Did I lose grafts? (photo)

I've been following my doctors instructions fairly well. The only concern that i have is that i have problems sleeping on my back and have been... READ MORE

After Eyebrow Hair Implants, Fear of Rubbing Area While Sleeping?

I am getting eyebrow implants in a few weeks. I am concerned about sleeping as the area needs to be uncovered and untouched for 4 -7 days. My Dr has... READ MORE

Myth or Fact: A side effect of hair transplant surgery is having a case of nonstop hiccups after the procedure?

Is this true? Apparently it happens in 5% of patients and the hiccups get so bad you can't sleep and the doctor gives medication to help. READ MORE

Did I damage my left hairline? Do my hairline look uneven? Does my HT transplant look good? (photos)

I accidentally scratched my grafts on my right (which is on your left when you see the picture) when I was sleeping on 7th day post HT. I suddenly... READ MORE

Did I Ruin my Grafts?

I fell asleep 7 days after my transplant when I woke up this morning there was a quite large amount of blood on my pillow did I ruined the grafts... READ MORE

Will sleeping with a hair concealer cause any issues with the process of my post hair surgery?

I just had a hair transplant a few weeks ago, my doctor said it's ok to use a synthetic hair fiber concealer now. My question is if i sleep with it on... READ MORE

How is the result of my hair transplant after three months and 12 days? (Photo)

I am using minioxidil 5% daily while sleeping , and two prp sitting also every month ... tell me result READ MORE

I was advised to sleep with my head on the pillow laying down after surgery, will grafts be damaged? (photos)

Would grafts be damaged.. first night after surgery.. I was told sleep on side of my head.... As advised.. The surgeon.. found it hard to stitch my... READ MORE

Can I sleep in opposite direction?

Can i sleep in opposite direction like stomach touching to my bed after 16 days of hair transplant, or this will hv ny negetive effect on my grafts of... READ MORE

Sleeping position after crown (first time) and frontal area (second time)

Sleeping position after crown[first time) and frontal area (second time), when i had a frontal hair transplant, i didnt had any problem, as i was told... READ MORE

Did I damage hair transplant grafts?

Since the two week post op mark all scabs were gone and i resumed my normal sleeping pattern ( on my sides). This meant the transplanted area was in... READ MORE

How many grafts do I require to cover my scalp, and how is my donor area? Can i use beard hair? (photos)

I am 26 and suffering baldness from 20 , when i see in mirror get tense , even i am not able to sleep 6 hours daily My main question if i transplant... READ MORE

23 y.o considering beard transplant. Want to use this platform and get some generalised answers and get basic queries sorted?

1. How long will I have to sleep straight and make sure the transplanted sides are not facing the pillow? 2. How long to avoid intensive activities... READ MORE

Hair transplant: are my grafts falling out? (Photo)

I had my crown transplant surgery on a Saturday and 5 days 6 nights later on Thursday I slept directly on my pillow. There was no blood on the pillow... READ MORE

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