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Did I Pull out Grafts One Week After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I'm 24 year old male. I had a hair transplant of 3000 grafts 7 days ago. Tonight I washed my hair and gently rubbed it with my fingers because... READ MORE

Can Grafts Be Pulled out 10 Days After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I 'd a hair transplant of 6000 grafts 11 days ago .Tonight,I washed my head gently rubbed donor area with fingers and direct touches with shampoo to... READ MORE

I'm 2 Months and 16 Days Post Op Now, and I'm a Bit Worried Because Some of Grafts Haven't Fallen Out? (photo)

Hello my name is oden. im in a 2 month post op now, and i'm a bit worried coz some of grafts ( 60%) hasn't fallen and there are still scabs around or... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Hairtransplant and Still Scabbing?

I've followed doctor orders to the letter. I have two areas up front that have pea sized scabs. Will these scabs harbor bacteria? I have placed some... READ MORE

Can I take off the scabs after 7 days of hair transplant?

It has been seven days from my hair transplantation. Can I take off the scabs with my hands ? It is falling off naturally. So, can I remove it for... READ MORE

For how long after hair transplant should one use minoxidil spray, and is it beneficial?

Q)For how long after hair transplant should one use minoxidil spray? Is it beneficial in all cases? Q) How long after hair transplant can one... READ MORE

Losing Grafts After Hair Transplant?

I recognized 6 days after the surgery that the scabs looks like grafts. There are hairs with a white / brown bulb on the end.... as you can see on the... READ MORE

How to differentiate a crust coming out if it's with a follicle or without a follicle? (photo)

I'm 1 week post HT, per my doc instructions I started Gently with shampoo and conditioner beginning day 3. Over the past couple of days a lot of scab... READ MORE

Something is falling out from my head, 16 days post-operation. Is these scabs or hair follicles? (Photo)

I underwent my first transplant about 16 days ago and I started touching the transplanted hair more vigorously as of last night when I started feeling... READ MORE

Did I damage my hair transplant after 5 days? (Photo)

I got an FUT hair transplant method exactly 7 days ago. By the 5th day, the scabs were already dry and i started to pick them. Now today, on the 7th... READ MORE

is it possible that the grafts are not safe or (came out) after one month?

Hey, i have a H.T one month ago and it was fine but there was many scabs on my scalp and after one month i strarted to comb my hair to remove the... READ MORE

How many days does it takes to hide Hair Transplant signs?

I am planning to have my hair transplant surgery (strip procedure). I am trying to hide this matter from friends and family members and will rent a... READ MORE

Can so many grafits fall out after 9 days? (Photo)

Hey, i had my hair transplantation FUE before 9 days (4150). Today when i washed my head very gentle with shampoo i noticed few hair with scabs, then... READ MORE

Cleaning the scabs post-op procedure?

I'm now 14 days post-OP,all the crusts/scabs are still out there,because I was scared not to rub or itch the recipient area (just washing daily with... READ MORE

What's the difference between scab and crust? Can hair grafts come off when there are crusts?

HI i would like to know the difference between scab and crust. when i did my transplant, i had lot of prior hairs sticking out post 9 day HT and i had... READ MORE

Are these hair follicles or just scabs with hairs attached? (Photo)

Here are some photos of scabs that I remove with my nail after 7-8 days after my hair transplant. The photos are high resolution so anyone can see... READ MORE

Scabs even after a month. Can transplanted hair fall out with roots during the first month?

Hei Dr. I have got Hair Transplant one month ago. I still have scab in my scalp and most of the transplanted hair have still not fallen off. But when... READ MORE

Grafts Fell in Three Months with the Scabs or Dirt Like Material?

I'm in my 3 months post op now, there were so many grafts that were intact (did not shed) the thing is there were so many scabs or crust like which... READ MORE

Can we see the roots after shedding of scabs? I'm on day 9 after hair transplant

Hello, i am on day 9th after my HT and i am experiencing initial shedding of scabs that too with hair and this is not only during shower but also when... READ MORE

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