Neck Lift Overview

  • Neck lift surgery uses a combination of liposuction and incision to trim excess neck skin.
  • Neck lift is often searched when a person is unhappy with loose skin around the neck.
  • Neck bands or platysmal bands are an age-related condition that begins to appear when the platysma muscle. becomes thick and cord-like, resulting in the appearance of stripes or bands across the front of the neck. Some have labeled this condition a 'turkey neck' due to the resemblance it has to a turkey gobbler.

Neck band causes

The cause of neck bands is a combination of saggy neck skin, prominence of the platysma muscle, and accumulation of fat.

Botox for neck bands before and after
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photos provided by Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon William J. Binder, M.D.

Neck band non-surgical treatment

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The most common treatment for correcting neck bands is probably a face or neck lift. Other possibilities include liposuction of the lower face/neck and for some practitioners, Botox injection. The so-called 'Botox neck lift' refers to the use of Botulinum toxin to relax the platysmal bands under the skin of the neck. This technique is an off-label use of the drug, isn't a true neck lift, and carries some risk.

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