BriteSmile Overview

  • BriteSmile (often written as Brite Smile) is a brand of professional in-office teeth whitening that markets itself as making your teeth, on average, seven shades lighter in about an hour.
  • BriteSmile Teeth Whitening is a gel (15% hydrogen peroxide with a pH of 6.5) that is applied to your teeth. A special light source is directed onto the teeth to activate the gel and remove stains. 
  • At the completion of your one hour BriteSmile session, the dentist may suggest you wear a tray teeth whitening system for up to six months after your in-office treatment. 
  • Everyone responds differently to bleaching agents, but you're very likely to feel some level of extra tooth sensitivity after the whitening session. 
  • One other tooth whitening fact: your fillings and other dental restorations such as composite fillings, veneers, bonding, porcelain crowns or veneers will probably not whiten evenly (if at all) with your natural teeth.

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