Worth It IF You Can Handle the Intense Sensitivity - Maryland, MD

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Before I got the BriteSmile whitening procedure...

Before I got the BriteSmile whitening procedure done, I was very hesitant mainly because of the bad reviews online. Even after all the research, I was nervous and uncertain about this whole whitening thing - I have really sensitive bottom teeth!

First they tell you to put on this sun screen/lotion all over your face and lips. This is to protect you from the UV light I believe. After that, they take about 15-20 minutes prepping. This includes shielding your lips, gum, etc. Then they put on the actual teeth whitening product on your teeth. All this is very painless and easy.

Then the three 20-minute sessions begin. This includes you just lying on the chair listening to music/watching TV (bring your iPod and earphones!) with the UV light shining on your teeth. This is where all the sensitivity is involved. The first session for me was very painless with no sensitivity whatsoever on my top teeth - maybe just 1 zing during the last minute. However, my bottom teeth did experience many electrical zings and sensitivity towards the last 7 minutes or so. It got more and more intense, but it was manageable.

I told the dentist that my bottom teeth got really sensitive, so she suggested to just not put any whitening product on my bottom teeth the second session, and leave it for the last session. So this second time around, only my top teeth were being whitened. This session was barely manageable. I managed to go through the whole 20 minutes. However, the last 5-10 minutes or so got REALLY bad. So many electrical zings started coming (both top and bottom teeth). Especially the last minute...which scared me away from going forward with the third session.

I wanted to continue and finish the last one, but while talking to my dentist, my teeth got even more sensitive. I'm guessing it is because my teeth were dehydrated and the pores inside were opened, so air made it even worse. She kept asking if I was sure, and I said yes (not very willingly, but I couldn't handle anymore sensitivity).

The good news is - BriteSmile WORKS. After just two sessions, my teeth did whitened quite a lot. Not extremely even, but the uneveness is not that noticeable. My friends notice and my teeth are so much whiter in pictures now. I'm a lot more confident with my teeth.

I wish it wasn't so painful though so that I could finish the whole procedure. It was $600! But if I don't regret it. I've always had insecurities with my teeth until now, so paying $600 for 40 minutes is not something I should be complaining about.

So overall, it is worth it if you can handle the sensitivity, or if your teeth aren't sensitive.

Otherwise, stick to the whitening strips!!!

I hope the reviews helped.
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