Zoom Whitening Vs. Brite Smile

Which is better, Zoom whitening or Brite Smile? Which one lasts longer?

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Zoom vs. Brite Smile

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They products are almost identical.  The longevity of your results depend entirely on your diet.  Staying away from food and drinks that stain your teeth will help your results last longer.  Coffee is one of the biggest culprits in staining your teeth.  If you're a coffee drinker we recommend drinking it through a straw so it does not touch the front of your teeth


Peter Mann DDS

Manhattan Dentist

Zoom vs. Britesmile / Which is Better?

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I have used both the Zoom and Brightsmile machines and can confidently say that Zoom whitening is a superior product. Zoom has come out with three different machines over the years ( Zoom, Zoom 2, and Zoom Advanced Power). Zoom AP is the latest model and far superior to Brightsmile in my opinion. Zoom requires less chair time and there is less postoperative sensitivity compared to Brightsmile. If you're looking for a quick way to enhance your smile, call a Zoom certified office and get yourself scheduled!

Zoom and Britesmile are brands of the same method

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Both products are in office light assisted teeth whitening. However, for full disclosure Zoom bought out Britesmile, so it is likely that they are identical at this point.

If they ARE the same, I would choose based on price.

In-office whitening brands: Zoom and Britesmile

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Zoom and Britesmile are brand names for in-office whitening procedures. Both use similar materials and take about the same amount of time. Both will also achieve similar results.

Zoom WhiteSpeed Best in the dental profession

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Phillips has outdone themselves with the creation of Zoom! Whitespeed.  The results are fabulous.  Patient satisfaction is near 100%
It is quit simply the fastest, easiest, and most effective in office  whitening solution.  The new light activates the hydrogen peroxide and helps the stain fighting radicals whiten faster and increases whitening results by 40%
The beauty of the Zoom whitespeed as compared to older Zoom models is the ability to lower the light intensity during treatment when a patient begins to develop sensitivity ("zingers").  This allows patients to complete the 3 sessions and not sacrifice results by ending the session early.

Zoom! has been proven to be the best light activated whitening system to date.  And with the newest technology of Phillips Zoom! Whitespeed this can be done better and with less discomfort. 

Zoom and Britesmile are the same

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Be sure its Zoom advanced tho, the older lights dont work as well. Have trays made for either method so you can do touch ups later.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Additional Info

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Just to add to all the answers here. The longevity of the whitening results mostly depends on your diet and oral hygiene habits. After achieving the desired whitening result, you don't really need to do whitening again for up to a year, but based on your personal biology, diet and hygiene the results may vary, no matter what whitening system you use.

Kyle G. Stanley, DDS
West Hollywood Dentist

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