What to Buy Before Your Brazilian Butt Lift

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From body wash to alcohol pads, here's everything you need to have before getting a BBL.

You've decided to get a Brazilian butt lift. Now what? Once your surgery date is scheduled, there's still a lot to do to prepare. Whether you're traveling abroad or getting the procedure locally, here's a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves (with a travel list!), approved by the BBL-ers*, to help you have the least stressful experience as possible.


  Schedule Labs (if they're not done by surgeon)
  Schedule lymphatic massages for after the surgery (if your surgeon doesn't provide)


  Female urinal (won't be able to sit after surgery)
  Bleach spray & baby wipes to clean yourself until you can shower again
  Anti-bacterial soap to clean your incisions
  Neosporin for drain sites after they're removed
  Alcohol pads to make the area sterile before taking your Heparin shots (to prevent blood clots)
  Q-Tips to clean around incision sites
  Gauze pads & medical tape to redress drain tubes
  Camisoles/tank-tops to wear under garment to avoid skin irritation
  Maxi dress or something loose fitting that's easy to slip on and off after surgery
  Easy slip-on shoes (so you don't have to bend over and tie them)
  Compression stockings to help prevent pulmonary embolism
  Compression Sleeve (only if you're getting arm Lipo)
  A big pair of panties in case that time of the month arrives
  Boppy pillow to protect your booty after surgery
  Faja or compression garment
  Epifoam or board/foam
  Arnica tablets to help with bruising and swelling
  Stool softener/laxatives
  Pre-op vitamins and post-op protein shakes to help repair body

Nice-to-Haves (But Not Absolutely Necessary)

  Suction hooks to hold up drains while showering
  Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil) for your pre-surgery shower
  Body scrubber to help reach an itch
  Hand lotion
  Firming lotion
  Empty bottle to put syringes in
  Socks to put over compression stockings
  Old towels/linens/shower curtain to keep from staining new linens
  Neck/body pillows
  Chux Pads
  Pills organizer
  Mederma Cocoa Butter (for scars)
  Chapstick/Vasaline, something to keep your lips from getting dry
  Band-Aids to cover incisions
  A good camera to document your journey
  Folding chair to assist going to the bathroom (cut out the bottom of the chair and position it over the toilet)
  Yoga mat to place behind knees

If You're Traveling, Don't Forget:

  Body wash and baby wipes
  Fill doctor prescriptions before leaving
  Protein powder shakes, fruits and veggies
  Reusable tote/bag to carry stuff in
  Ponytail holders
  A good camera to document your journey/any electronics you'll need
  Shaker cup if you're bringing protein shakes

BBLers, did we forget something? Let us know in the comments section below. 

*A special thanks to NJexciteddd and Cray Cray for helping compile this list.

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