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Itchy Face Day 3 Still No Peeling? How Do I Stop Itchyness?

I had got the herbal green peel and its so itchy!!!! its day 3 and still no peeling when should my skin start to peel the itchyness is 5 out of 5... READ MORE

Can I Buy a Do It Yourself Green Peel Online?

I am very interested in having a green peel but would prefer to do it myself. Can I buy a green peel online? READ MORE

How Effective is Green Peel for Acne Scars and Pimples?

Dear sir, Can you please tell me how helpful is Green peel. I'm a 24 yr old girl. I have acne scars and I get pimples often. Please reply fast? Will... READ MORE

Do Green Peels Cause Spider Veins?

Where the peel was quite stubborn in coming off I noticed later after the peel came off, that I developed spider veins on that part of my face! does... READ MORE

Will a Green Peel Help Sun Damaged and Wrinkled Skin?

I am 47 years old and considering a green peel for my sun damaged and wrinkled skin. I hate the thought of wasting money for little result and want to... READ MORE

1,5 Yrs After: Skin Still Looks Burned / Crepey After Series of Green Peels. What Now?

I did a series of 5 green peels 3 weeks apart and two IPL sittings 1,5 yrs ago. all for hyperpigmentation and sun spots. but got crepey , saggy and... READ MORE

Breaking out After a Green Peel - is This Normal

It did work a lot of my acne scars dissapeared and the ones that i still have did ge lighter, but i started breaking out agian.  will i see more... READ MORE

Green Peel for Acne Scars?

I've had acne for 10 years, and done 3 courses of Roaccutane. I've also had a course of 6 microderms and a few peels. I've been using Proactive... READ MORE

Green Peel - How Much Peeling?

I am getting a green peel tomorrow and I'm concerned of the extent of the peeling as I deal with the public...will it be really noticable? READ MORE

When Will the Redness Fade After a Green Peel, It's Been 3 Days?

This is the 3rd day of my first session green peel. and my face is still red like the first day. the redness is not calming down or fading. i have a... READ MORE

Hello Doc, I Just Wanna Ask if Green Peel Will Make Your Skin Sensitive from the Heat of the Sun?

Does it make your skin sensitive from the heat of the sun? Does it take your epidermis off? READ MORE

Can Green Peel Remove Old Stretch Marks?

I have a lot of stretch marks, and my life has became like hell. I can't wear bikini tops, go to the beach, even wear dresses. I got them all over -... READ MORE

Second Degree Burn Effect After Green Peel?

Hello, I just had a green peel done yesterday. The woman rubbed hard all over my face for 10 minutes concentrating on the sides of my face. It was... READ MORE

What do I do for Peeling Skin After Green Peel?

Three days ago I had a Green Peel and now my skin is peeling. What do I do? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Green Oil Peel After 2-3 Days of Using TCA Acid?&is It Safe to Apply TCA More Than Once over a 2-3 Day Period?

Im planning to do a TCA peel in a week and im wanting to know whether its safe to use green peel oil after 2-3days of applying the TCA, I am only... READ MORE

Can Green Peeling Oil cause the skin to darken? (photos)

I use the green peeling oil but I noticed that the part that peeled gets red and afterwards darken should I continue using the bleaching cream and... READ MORE

Does the green peel work on dark skin?

I am considering getting a green peel but as with a lot of cosmetic procedures African Americans have to take caution due to deep pigmentation. I am a... READ MORE

Therapist applied green peeling oil to armpit. Why does my right armpit show no reaction?

The therapist applied green peeling oil on my armpits yesterday. the left one started to itch & it became reddish while my right one hsn't itch at all... READ MORE

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