Sun Exposure + Fraxel Laser

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Can I Sunbathe After Fraxel Laser Treatments or Will my Skin Be Too Sensitive?

After fraxel re-store treatment how sensitive is to the sun? planning on doing the re-store treatment my main concern now is would I be able to sun... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After Fraxel Laser Treatment

I had one fraxel treatment about 3 weeks ago. I am leaving for vaction in two weeks, and I am concerned about sun exposure. How long should i wait... READ MORE

Sun After Fraxel?

I've done Fraxel in the middle of February. my skin recovered very fast. I have never had hiperpigmentation after Sun. In the end of May I'm... READ MORE

Is Sun Exposure Okay 5 Weeks After Fraxel Laser Treatment?

I got fraxel laser treatment against wrinkles (don't know the name of the laser) and can only say that after day 6 brown skin is finally flaking... READ MORE

How Important is It to Stay out of the Sun for 3 Months After Fraxel?

I have scarring on my face due to years of acne. I was on accutae over a year ago and have began fraxel treaments. My first treatment was about 2... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After Fraxel:restore Laser Treatment?

Hi, I'm an Asian and 24 y/o. I had fraxel:restore treatment about 9 days ago to remove my acne scars. I healed well during the last week and now my... READ MORE

After Fraxel Will my Skin Brown Every Time I Get the Slightest Exposure to the Sun?

I had fraxel laser under my eyes about two months ago The first time I was exposed to the sun for a few minutes I ended up looking like a racoon. I... READ MORE

I Am Planning on Having 3-4 Fraxel Treatments Spaced One Month Apart. What is Your Recommendation Concerning Sun Exposure?

I am planning on 3-4 fraxel dual treatments spaced 1 month apart. What are recommendations for sun exposure between and after treatments? READ MORE

Going Outside the Day After Fraxel:Restore Treatment?

Hi, I had a Fraxel:Restore treatment a few days ago. The day after my treatment, I had to be outside for about 30-45 minutes running errands. I was... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Treatment and Sun Exposure?

I had fraxel laser treatment on my face and went on a hike with my dad today. I wore SPF 30 and tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. I had... READ MORE

How long after having Fraxel is it safe to have sun exposure?

I will be going to Hawaii 2 months after a fraxel treatment. Yes, I will wear sunscreen. However, sunscreen can wear off during the day or while... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After Fraxel?

I had fraxel restore on my nose for some surgical scars two days ago. I'd like to take my kids apple picking in about two weeks. If I wear a strong... READ MORE

Can I have Fraxel Laser if I am a Skier and am Exposed to Cold and Wind?

1.Is it enough to wait 2 wks to recover after treatment before skiing again? or longer? 2.Is it OK to receive fraxel 1550 within 2-3 days of skiing,... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know What Happens to the People Who Have Had Bad Fraxel Laser Surgery Experiences After 3 Years?

Does extreme sun sensitivity of the skin eventually go away? Does the collagen regenerate in the skin sooner or later? Or does the laser damage to... READ MORE

Outdoor Activities 1 Week After Fraxel and Sculptra

I have scheduled an appointment for doing fraxel to improve my small depressed scar together with scupltra. Can I go for outdoor activities 1 week after. READ MORE

White spots after Fraxel laser for more than 3 months? (Photo)

I did fraxel laser on August due to pimple scars ,Then Dr prescribed me facelite cream to get rid of scars. Facelite it actually destroyed my face Got... READ MORE

Sun exposure after Fraxel Restore - Will wearing a wide brim hat and SPF 35 sunscreen protect?

I have had 3 Fraxel Treatments until now (40mj L5, 50mj L6, 60mj L7, 5 weeks apart). Going for 4th (65mj, L7) to treat deep acne scars on cheeks. I... READ MORE

I have pigmentation on my cheek and nose. Will Fraxel be effective?

I have pigmentation on my cheeks and nose like brown spots from sun. I m getting fraxel laser treatment .is that good and effective READ MORE

So Im Thinking of Removing Stretch Marks By Fraxel Dual Laser?

After healing from the last session will it be forever to avoid sun or it's just a matter of time,? READ MORE

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