Olive Skin + Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel Laser or Repair on Olive Skin?

I am Latin with olive skin and a quick tanner. I want treatment for my moderate acne scars and lines around my lips. Which between Fraxel Laser or... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Olive Skin

Hi I'm a 30 year old male in the area and interested in repair for some fine lines and discoloration, but a few questions first? I am half... READ MORE

What Type of Fraxel Laser Treatment Works Best on Hispanics?

I am hispanic with olive skin (little lighter than Jennifer Lopez) can I get fraxel treatments? I have some acne scaring from when I was younger and... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Effective for Treating Hyperpigmentation That Results from a Vitalize Peel?

I am of a Latina with olive skin and got 3 vitalize peels to treat acne scarring, but I ended up with hyperpigmentation that worsened with each... READ MORE

TCA Peels Before Fraxel Laser to Get Full Benefit?

I'm considering getting Fraxel on my face. At one clinic I was told that I should get a TCA peel 30% at least 20 peels each a week apart before... READ MORE

Are Fraxel Restore and Elos the Same Thing?

I have tan, light olive skin. The laser lady said she would be doing Fraxel Laser for my sun damage and medium acne scarring. Apparently, Fraxel... READ MORE

Should I Wait for Recent Scar to Heal Before Getting Fraxel Laser?

I am a 30 year old male with olive skin. I was in a car accident 4 weeks ago and have been left with a deep one inch scar that required 3 inner... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Melasma on Hispanic Skin?

I am hispanic with olive skin and 35 years old. I am not on hormones and I started to get melasma about 1 1/2 year ago. READ MORE

Should I Do Fraxel Laser for my Acne Scars? (photo)

I'm indian and my skin tone is olive kind of.I have some ice pick acne scars and i went to a dermatologist in my area where the doctor told me to... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser and Active FX for Olive Skin?

I am doing loads of research and getting more and more confused about lasers such as Fraxel and ActiveFX. I have olive skin and want fix sun damage,... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Laser or Accutane Better for Rosacea in Asian Olive Skin?

Hi, I have olive skin and have been on accutane for over a month for mild acne. Looking at pictures and descriptions online I summarised I had mild... READ MORE

Do I Need to Use Hydroquinone on my Skin Before Using Fraxel Laser Skin?

I have light colored but olivey skin and was putting hydroquinone in my skin for about a month. My first treatment begins tomorrow by I lost the... READ MORE

Obagi NuDerm System, Fraxel Retore? (photo)

I am 43, olive skin, no acne, mostly dynamics wrinkles, and discoloration. After 2 Fraxels my skin looks better, but suddenly I started to notice dark... READ MORE

Can hyperpigmentation occur 4 years after the treatment?

I am a 49 year old with dark olive skin, with hyperpigmentation on the upper cheeks 4 years post treatment READ MORE

Is Fraxel my only option? (24/f, Caucasian, tan easily, light olive skin, hyperpigmentation from acne scars)

Hello. I have some acne scarring/hyperpigmentation, the acne itself is mostly under control with the occasional pimple during my period (used to be a... READ MORE

Picosure Focus vs Fraxel Dual laser peel?

Hi. I am 45 years old with some sun damage/brown spots and some light wrinkles with lighter olive skin tone. Which do you recommend for skin... READ MORE

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