Are Fraxel Restore and Elos the Same Thing?

I have tan, light olive skin. The laser lady said she would be doing Fraxel Laser for my sun damage and medium acne scarring. Apparently, Fraxel Restore is the correct laser for my type of skin: light olive with a tan. However, the brochure she gave me said Elos. Is this the same thing as Fraxel Restore?

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Do not proceed, Elos is NOT Fraxel

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Fraxel is Fraxel, and as is the case with many good things, lesser imitations will try to get in on the act. I am not familiar with Elos and cannot comment on its safety and effectiveness, but this I DO know: 1. Fraxel has the largest body of published research on its benefits and safety. 2. It has long been used for ethnic skin types. 3. I would question the ethics of any medical person who "baits and switches". Is it possible that you misunderstood? I find it hard to believe a reputable doctor would mislead. Did they say "like Fraxel"?

Of course, this is my personal opinion.

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Fraxel restore and ELOS Technology are Not the Same Thing

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Hi Britta,

No, ELOS is not the same as Fraxel restore. ELOS is made by a company called Syneron, uses radiofrequency energy combined with light. Fraxel is manufactured by a company called Solta and uses fractionated erbium or CO2 to accomplish it's effects. The results will differ as well.

Many practices will tell their patients that they are getting "fraxel" because their laser systems are a "fractional" type. Unfortunately because of the long track record ,popularity, and success of fraxel, many other technologies are confused with the original Fraxel.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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