Grid Marks + Fraxel Laser

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Grid Marks on Forehead After Fraxel Treatment

I had Fraxel Laser two days ago. I'm seeing the normal post-procedure conditions, but I'm worried about the grid-like pattern on my forehead.... READ MORE

Grid Marks After Fraxel Repair? (photo)

I had Fraxel Repair about 3 and a half weeks ago. I'm including a pre Fraxel pic, and and a post one. I'm concerned about redness and blotchiness all... READ MORE

Post 1 Year Fraxel Damage; Am 20, HAD Indian Light Brown Baby Smooth Skin?

Went to cheap spa 4 pearl laser from inexperienced assistant. Burned skin (required steroid cream from doctor), worse everyday; lines, track marks,... READ MORE

Fraxel left track marks on my face?

Hi i am white skin in my middle twenties. Its been over a year i did CO2 fraxel laser for acne scars wich werent that bad, it left the skin with track... READ MORE

How to fix skin after fraxel dual? (photos)

Had one treatment done less than a year ago and my skin texture is not smooth. I have these grid like marks left on my skin. I understand that it's... READ MORE

I had Fraxel laser done 4 days ago. I have very distinguished pin point marks in a grid pattern that is slightly raised (Photo)

I had fraxel laser done 4 days ago and I have very distinguished pin point marks in a grid pattern that is slightly raised. I am concerned this will... READ MORE

Grid pattern on face 24 hrs post Fraxel. Is this normal? (photos)

I had Fraxel done for melasma yesterday. When I woke up this morning, there was a clear grid pattern all over my face. I have done Clear + Brilliant... READ MORE

Will the bronzing/dots from Fraxel/fractional laser fade? I've had the grid marks on my face for three months now (Photo)

About three months ago, I had two fractional laser treatments on my right cheek done, each one a month apart. I noticed these dots all over my face... READ MORE

Fraxel/fractional laser damaged my skin! More large open pores of grid line pattern. Help me (Photo)

I had my fraxel last 3 months, BUT it left me SCARRED PORES CAUSED BY THE FRAXEL LASER! somewhat they called as "orange peel effect" caused by... READ MORE

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