Fraxel left track marks on my face?

Hi i am white skin in my middle twenties. Its been over a year i did CO2 fraxel laser for acne scars wich werent that bad, it left the skin with track marks untill today. Went back to the office the doctor said oh thats nothing its normal...what kind of normal is that when you can look at my face and see so well how the laser went on my cheeks and still remain there. So sad its a nightmare, just put me down

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Fraxel tracking technology

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This would be a very unusual complication as fraxel has a built in scanning technology to avoid this type of complication - I would discuss your concerns again with the physicain who treated you.

Track marks from Fraxel

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I am so sorry that you have had this type of complication from Fraxel.  I have never seen this complication with any patient that I have ever treated in so many years.  It sounds like they may have used settings that were too high or the wrong laser for your skin type.  Please post photos so that we can help.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with Fraxel and laser treatments.  


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Im very sorry to hear about this complication due to a laser treatment. I have treated a few patients with a similar adverse outcome from different parts of the country. I have been working with Fraxel for the past 8 yrs and it has never happened to any of my patients. the reason why it happens has to do with the operator of the laser not the Fraxel laser itself. it can be made better but it takes time. u can look at the link below from my website

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