Darkening + Fraxel Laser

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Can Existing Pigmentation Darken from Fraxel Restore Laser?

I am Caucasian (white) with dark brown hair & dark brown eyes. I had a test patch done to check if I would hyperpigment with Fraxel Restore. I did... READ MORE

Is Fraxel the Best Choice for Sun Spot Treatment? (photo)

I am 43. I noticed sun spots on my cheeks in the last few years and they are getting darker with time. I did IPL treatments and one time of pearl... READ MORE

I have hypopigmentation after Fraxel Restore. Can Latisse be applied to my scars to darken their pigmentation? (photos)

Had 2 treatments of Fraxel restore done on surgical scars on my legs. Now the scars are lighter than the surrounding skin. Can Latisse be applied to... READ MORE

Topical Treatments to Aid Fraxel Results for Melasma?

I've had 4 Fraxel Laser treatments and it seemed to lighten the melasma. However, it was never completely gone. After almost a year, it seems that my... READ MORE

Problem(s) After Fraxel Restore Treatment #2 6 Weeks Ago. Is It Normal? What Can Be Done?

I have had my second fraxel restore treatment about 6 weeks ago and my skin looks worse. It’s still looks like I have sunburn that is starting... READ MORE

What's going on with my skin?

I had fraxel 1927 done 9 days ago and since then my face has darkened and is very rough. My pores appear larger and my skin tone is very uneven. Will... READ MORE

Darkness after Fraxel Restore Dual. When will my skin get lighter as before?

I'm an Indian (Asia) with brown-skin on the face. After fraxel, my skin got dark. I'm doing everything possible (sunscreen etc), however it's not... READ MORE

What Hydroquinone alternative can I use for my face?

After my second fraxel laser treatment, I can no longer use hydroquinone. It doesn't matter the strength. It irritates my skin so badly and it has... READ MORE

Early 30s female. My skin got darker due to fraxel 1550 laser. Dr recommended laser genesis & Hydroquinone. (photos)

I am a middle eastern female in my early 30. I had fraxel 1550 laser procedure 1 year and half ago, which made my completion dark with irritated red... READ MORE

I'm 36 year old and got dual fraxel done. Is my first treatment done at level 5?

It's been two weeks now and I noticed where my sun spots are much darker which concerns me. I also noticed both cheek area have darken which worries... READ MORE

Fraxel on upper lip, melasma now darker. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had fraxal dkne one week ago for two spots on upper lip. Now it is dark all across upper lip. Is this normal? I am using obagi system with... READ MORE

I had three fraxel laser treatment to my bottom lip. It has darken it really bad.

Also I'm a Afro American man. I have tried every tropical cream available with no help. What do I do now to help lighten it bac to lts natural color. READ MORE

I had Fraxel FX and had a viral outbreak on my face. 5 weeks later, I still have redness and some darkening on my face?

Outbreak started under my right eye and then spread all over my face. The left side was more affected than the right side of my face. I still have... READ MORE

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