Cystic Acne + Fraxel Laser

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Possible Effect of Fraxel Laser on Acne Cyst?

I am a 40 yr old woman who is scheduled for my first Fraxel Restore treatment on Feb 11, for acne scars. Accutane kept my skin cyst-free for about 20... READ MORE

Severe acne scars. What's best: Fraxel Dual, Infini, or CROSS? (Photo)

I have scars on my cheek from cystic acne that lasted ~8 mos in 2012. Last year I had 5 Dermapen treatments. Recently I finished 3 Fraxel Dual... READ MORE

Why do I break out so much after Fraxel Laser?

I had two Fraxel lasers (three weeks apart) in a certified plastic surgeon in order to remove my acne scars. After my first Fraxel I had a few... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual 1550 for Rosacea and Cystic Hormonal Acne?

I'm considering Fraxel Dual (1550) for fine lines around eyes, cheeks, and feathering around mouth and chin (had upper/lower bleph and mini lift 1 yr... READ MORE

Can I still get a Fraxel Laser Treatment if I occasionally get 1 to 3 few pimples?

I use to have really bad cystic acne causing me to scar on my skin. I have few breakouts but ive been researching that you cant undergo the treatment... READ MORE

Is it common for a patient to experience purging or breaking out after a Fraxel Dual Treatment for PIH? (photo)

I had an allergic reaction to a retinol/bpo product which gave me cystic acne and PIH. I still have occasional breakouts and read that fraxel can... READ MORE

Dermapen or Fraxel laser? (Photo)

I'm 34 year old female with acne scarring from cystic acne that I had a few years back. I have quite pale skin but I seem to scar and mark quite... READ MORE

Can there be delayed, long term skin damage from Fraxel Restore dual, such as ulcerated recurrent sores?

I've seen several reviews and even an online support group from those who have received Fraxel restore who state that after six months to a year, they... READ MORE

Roughness persisting after Fraxel Restore on chin. Any suggestions?

I had fraxel restore done 7 days ago on my chin only to try to help some cystic acne scarring (mild). My skin is less rough than a week ago, but it... READ MORE

Can fraxel cause cystic acne?

I had my first of four fraxel treatments for acne scars. I am 60 years old and my acne has not been a problem for a while. Since the treatment , 6... READ MORE

Will fraxel remove my hyperpigmentation including the ugly scarring on my cheeks? Should I opt for other treatments? (Photo)

I have had severe cystic acne on my cheeks this past summer, i am 17 years old and I get it acne comes ango and might be part of my hormonal stuff but... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Dual help me? (Photo)

I'm 17 and had severe cystic acne. My face is now covered in scars. The scar tissue on my chin in awful. I have indents on my cheeks. I also have dark... READ MORE

Is it possible for my skin to become worse if the fraxel laser level is too high?

I had my third treatment of ipl and fraxel two weeks ago. My skin had a massive break out afterwards. It cleared. I have cystic acne again which I... READ MORE

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