Collagen + Fraxel Laser

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How Long Does Collagen Take to Rebuild?

Hi! Ive had 2 fraxel restore treatments. My last session was a month ago and I've spaced them around six weeks apart so it's been around two and a... READ MORE

How Long Before You See Improvements After Fraxel Restore?

For Fraxel Restore in treating superficial fine lines, enlarged pores and shallow scars,  from your experience, is most of the dermal... READ MORE

Will Getting a Second Series of Fraxel Restore Improve Results?

Hi. If you get a 4 treatments at 26 percent coverage, then wait 6 months for full dermal results, and then get a few more Fraxel restore treatment,... READ MORE

Why Don't Multiple Fraxel Treatments Destroy New Collagen?

I am having a series of 4 Fraxel treatments. I understand Fraxel Restore treats 20% of the skin, then there is aprox 1 month healing time between... READ MORE

How Does Fraxel Restore or Repair Fix Hypertrophic Scars?

Hi. I have a 1 inch hypertrophic scar on my chest which is nearly flat thanks to 5FU injections. I would like to see if I can improve the appearance... READ MORE

How Long Before Collagen Level Recedes After Fraxel Restore?

After Fraxel Restore series, how long do dermal results last? In treating fine lines and superficial scars and and keeping the skin plump. After a... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Work or do Long-Term Damage?

Does fraxel really work or does it do long term damage. I know Co2 works. Someone also said the Mixo is the only one that has the hottest laser for... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Works for Long Term Collagen Production?

Does Fraxel Laser create long term collegen production? I know the C02 works very well. Does fraxel just take away skin and not damage the tissue so... READ MORE

Is It Possible That 13 Days After a Combination Active/deep Fraxel, Wrinkles May Be More Visable While Skin is in Transformation

Could a Deep Fraxel Destroy Collegen in the Dermis Before New Collegen is Formed, Causing Wrinkles to Be More Visable? My Doctor was qualified,... READ MORE

Worried About Negative Reviews of Fraxel

I am shocked of so many negative review on Fraxel, Pixel, Active FX and others...Is co2 the only real deal? I dont want to look like a lizard or worse... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Make Your Skin Thicker with Collagen Than the C02 Resurfacing Because the Pixels Go Deeper?

I know co2 gives the best erasing of age spots and fine wrinkles but if my skin is actually all over very thin I was wondering if the fraxel pixels... READ MORE

Hoping for Advice on Which Fraxel Laser Treatment is Best for Firming/Rejeuvanation/Collagen Building Etc ?

My clinic uses Palomar Starlux 300 Laser but I have already had sucessful IPL treatments so not wanting fraxel for pigmentation etc more for reducing... READ MORE

How long until you see final results of fraxel laser resurfacing?

After 3 sessions, does it take 6 months after the last session to judge the results? In the meantime, will collegen be forming? READ MORE

Fraxel for Collagen Growth

I am only 28 but have had a series of weight changes and am seeing some signs of aging (changes in my skin, volume loss in temples and cheeks, and... READ MORE

Amino Genesis Skin Cream w/ Fraxel?

I Did Fraxel 3 Sessions (Not the Version with CO2 Laser) then 2 Months After Fraxel I put Amino Genesis Tripeptinon skincream on my face. It said the... READ MORE

Will Fraxel co2 laser get rid of my chest wrinkles?

Im 34 and Im seeing these stretch mark looking lines between my boobs and mid chest area its from years of tanning and no sunblock used. Is co2 the... READ MORE

Facial rejuvenation combination?

I've tried Fraxel Dual, Laser Genesis, IPL, Emerge & Excel V. Each were beneficial in differing ways however they were once offs & not part of a... READ MORE

Would fraxel laser help my thin skin?

I have thin, fragile skin on my arms and hands as a result of steroid use over the years for asthma. Because of this I bruise easily and when injured... READ MORE

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