Burn Scar + Fraxel Laser

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Will Fraxel Restore Work on a Burn Scar?

Will fraxel restore (I am based in the UK and think this is what the clinic has) work on a small (approx 1cm diameter) circular burn scar on my cheek?... READ MORE

After 1st fraxel dual session my skin oozed yellow fluid & crusted over. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had fraxel dual from my dr 3 days ago to to correct my acne and burn scarring. He told me to tell him what settings to use but I had no clue. I had... READ MORE

Burn marks post fraxel? (Photo)

I had fraxel yesterday morning and was left with this burn mark. I had asked the doc to be careful on the settings and still this happens! Is it... READ MORE

What can I do to correct premature aging caused by a fraxel laser treatment? This includes fine lines and pigmentation. (Photo)

A year ago I had a fraxel light laser resurfacing treatment that burnt many small holes into my face. These have never healed and have continued to... READ MORE

Desperate for help. Will Fraxel Dual help my scars? (photos)

2 months ago, I stupidly burned myself with an at-home Fraxel laser. When I saw some crusting the next day, I aggressively started rubbing it, which... READ MORE

Old Oil Burn Mark? (photo)

Sir I have an old oil burn mark on my left hand. It is around 32 years old scar. I have undergone laser treatment for the same around 15 years ago.... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing for burn-scarred lips?

Can Fraxel or any other laser be used successfully to smooth the lips (mucous membrane) that have severe wrinkling and some scar tissue from flash... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reduce the Redness of my Burn Scar from Fraxel Laser?

I do not have a picture but the scar is circular shaped and is very pink/red. how can i reduce the redness or fade it to a white color? READ MORE

Is There Any Better Option for my Facial Burn Scar?

I have two scars from 5 years(these are not a deep scars i think ) on my face i took fractional laser but i didn't get more than 40% improvement now... READ MORE

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