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Can Fraxel CO2 Be Used for Upper Arm Skin Wrinkles?

I am a very fit 105 lb 54 year old and do have some upper arm skin wrinkles when my arms hang down by my side. They are very annoying as I am in great... READ MORE

Age Spots on Arms: Fraxel Alternatives

I had 4 fraxel treatments on my entire arms to treat age spots. They did not work. The doctor suggested hydroquinine cream for the summer and also... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used on Arms and Legs?

Is it safe on any other body parts other than the face and does it treat brown spots and hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Vs Velashape for Stretch Marks on Arms?

I got stretch marks on my arms during my pregnancy. Do I have a better chance at removing them with the Fraxel Laser or with Velashape combined with... READ MORE

Fraxel for White Spots on Arms and Shoulders?

 What kind of procedure would improve white spots where there appears to be no more pigment left? Are these white spots considered age spots? READ MORE

Would Fraxel Treatments Smoothen Keratosis Pilaris Present on my Upper Arms?

I have keratosis pilaris on my upper arms since i can remember and didnt know it was what i know what now it is, and i hope some treatment can atleast... READ MORE

Fraxel Treatment Success for Arms?

I had my first Fraxel treatment for my arms today. Has anyone else done that? Have you found success? READ MORE

Can fraxel laser be used on arms?

I have numerous brown spots on my arms and wondered if fraxel laser or IPL might help correct this? Also, is there a chance of "rebound" hyper... READ MORE

Fraxel 5 Days Post Op on my Arms, Still Have the Sandpaper Texture and Brown Dots?

Its my 5th day post fraxel on my arms but the sandpaper effect and the brown dots are stil not gone, my arms are still a little pink. i got fraxel... READ MORE

Fraxel to Even out Arm Skin?

Can Fraxel treatment diminish scars, discolorations, and smoothen the skin on upper and lower arms? READ MORE

Considering Fraxel for Scar from Glass Cut

I have a glass cut on my arm. I am considering fraxel laser treatment. I am of Indian descent and have a wheatish complexion. Would this work? Please... READ MORE

Does Fraxel work on the body?

I was told that Fraxel wouldn't work on my chest, legs and arms because there are no oil glands in those areas. Is this true? If so, is there an... READ MORE

FX laser contraindicated when taking Humira?

I have grannuloma annulare. It was very extensive on my legs and arms. Completely stained my calves from knee to foot. Humira has completely cleared... READ MORE

I am 29 and starting to get liver spots on my arms from sun damage. If I have a treatment of fraxel or pixel will this help?

Will this also help prevent future signs of aging? I also have a large scar on my arm will having fraxel or pixel help diminish it any? How do I pick... READ MORE

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