2 Weeks Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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Tiny Bumps After Fraxel? (photo)

I had fraxel 1550 abit over 2weeks ago. Around the 4th day after the procedure I developed tiny little bumps ever where hundreds of them you can only... READ MORE

Is It Possible That 13 Days After a Combination Active/deep Fraxel, Wrinkles May Be More Visable While Skin is in Transformation

Could a Deep Fraxel Destroy Collegen in the Dermis Before New Collegen is Formed, Causing Wrinkles to Be More Visable? My Doctor was qualified,... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Treatment Cause Hyper-pigmentation?

I had a treatment 2weeks ago and still red lines on my forehead and chin. Will they go away in time? READ MORE

It's been 2 weeks since I had my Fraxel and I'm now covered with tiny brown dots and hyperpigmentation. Is this normal? (photo)

I see no sign of improvement or peeling at all. The actual damage is more severe than what the photos depict. READ MORE

I Am Extremely Red 2 Weeks After Faxel Laser Restore Treatment on Chest, What Can I do?

I am still extremely red 2 weeks after 3rd fraxel laser restore on my chest. The first and second treatment went very well with no complications. My... READ MORE

I have blisters or rash 2 weeks post Fraxel 1550. Will they leave scars? (Photo)

I had my second treatment with the 1550 Fraxel laser two weeks ago. I had a tanned look and more significant flaking/peeling than first round. All... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore side effects - How to get rid of them quickly?

I had Fraxel Restore done 15 days ago. I still have some pinkness in the middle of my face, and a lot of bronzing. A little bronzing came off in... READ MORE

I'm 36 year old and got dual fraxel done. Is my first treatment done at level 5?

It's been two weeks now and I noticed where my sun spots are much darker which concerns me. I also noticed both cheek area have darken which worries... READ MORE

Can Fraxel make your skin look worse at first before it improves?

I had my first fraxel session two weeks ago (acne scars...had acne conglobata ), my face is no longer red but I think that it looks worse than before.... READ MORE

Is it possible for my skin to become worse if the fraxel laser level is too high?

I had my third treatment of ipl and fraxel two weeks ago. My skin had a massive break out afterwards. It cleared. I have cystic acne again which I... READ MORE

Splotchy redness two weeks after Fraxel. Possible UV exposure?

Hello, I got Fraxel (the lightest setting) 16 days ago. The healing was going very nicely. I went out for a few hours over the weekend to run errands... READ MORE

How long after Sciton profractional laser procedure can I have the fraxel dual laser?

I just had Sciton profractional laser done 2 weeks ago and I realize I like the results from fraxel dual laser much better. Is it safe to get fraxel... READ MORE

I had a radio frequency skin tightening session 2 weeks ago. I still have heated sensations after even minimal sun exposure.

Could it be that my skin is very sensitive?Ihave to add that a week ago I used a self tanner ,but I was not informed that it should be avoided.I hope... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Rough Dots of Skin All over Your Face 2 Weeks After Fraxel 1550?

After my face peeled 4-7 days post-fraxel, I was left with raised dots of pinkish skin that haven't gone away or even improved. They look like the... READ MORE

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