Fractional Laser Videos

What's the Difference Between Traditional Laser Resurfacing and Fractionated Laser Resurfacing?

Dr. Edmond Griffin explains the differences between traditional CO2 laser skin resurfacing and the more modern fractionated laser skin treatments. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates Pro Fractional Therapy

Dr. Alex Eshaghian explains the Sciton Pro Fractional Therapy treatment to rejuvenate the skin. VIEW NOW

Treating Extended Crow's Feet After Botox

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about extended crow's feet going to the cheeks after Botox, explaining the nature of these lines, options to treat them from PRP to lasers, and addressing facial aging changes. VIEW NOW

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Fraxel Laser for Correction of Fine Lines and Pigmentation

Dr. Alexander Rivkin's nurse Stefanie demonstrates a Fraxel Dual Laser procedure on a patient for correction of fine lines and pigmentation irregularities. VIEW NOW

Full Face Laser with Dr. Wilson

Fractionated CO2 laser is performed in the office with local sedation. Dr.Anthony J. Wilson treats this woman's acne and trauma scars, hyper-pigmentation, and wrinkles while she is asleep. VIEW NOW

Erbium Laser for Stretch Marks

The Erbium Laser can erase stretch marks by encouraging collagen remodeling. This ablative laser resurfaces the skin and gives textural improvement and tissue tightening. The lasered skin will peel over a few days and the new skin will be improved. VIEW NOW


Treating Acne Scars With Both Lasers and Fillers — Why Healing and Timing are Important Factors

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about laser and filler treatment concurrently to treat acne scars. He explains how the extent and healing from laser treatment allows for injectable fillers to be done at the same time. VIEW NOW

PRP With Microneedling and Laser Treatment

Dr. Jason Emer explains how platelet rich plasma is harvested from your own blood and is applied to the skin. There are growth factors in the PRP that assist in healing the skin and rebuilding collagen post laser treatments and with microneedling. VIEW NOW

A 1-Minute Demonstration of the AE Skin Fractional CO2 Laser

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment to rejuvenate the skin, explaining what problems can be treated with the device and what to expect with treatment. VIEW NOW

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Reducing the Appearance of Stretch Marks With a Fractional CO2 Laser

Dr. Alex Eshaghian quickly demonstrates how fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can address stretch marks on the belly, and explains what you can expect with treatment. VIEW NOW

Xeo Skin Resurfacing: Learn how it Works

Dr. Ronald Moser shows information about a fractional laser therapy that improves the skin by emitting beams of laser pulses to stimulate new collagen. As the skin is regenerated and restored, tone, texture and discolorations are improved. VIEW NOW

Relieving the Symptoms of Menopause With MonaLisa Touch

Dr. Karny Jacoby explains the benefits of the MonaLisa Touch laser for vaginal rejuvenation and treating menopause symptoms, including vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. VIEW NOW


Treating Sun Spots and Fine Wrinkles

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses several options to treat spots and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

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Halo Laser on Dark Skin: Improving Skin Tone After 1 Treatment

Dr. Jason Pozner treats a woman with an uneven skin tone using the Halo Pro Laser on her face. He explains how this type of laser works and how it is safe for individuals with darker skin, who are often at risk with other laser treatments. VIEW NOW


Learn What Procedure Can Be Combined With a Mini Lift

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Sarmela Sunder answers questions about combining procedures with a Mini Facelift. VIEW NOW