Fractional Laser Videos

UltraPulse TotalFX Skin Resurfacing: Fractional Lasers vs. Traditional Lasers

Brandie Gostigian of Dr. Kent Hasen's practice explains the difference between fractional lasers like the UltraPulse CO2 TotalFX laser compared to traditional lasers that do not have the same capabilities. VIEW NOW

Acne Scar Treatment: Fraxel Laser vs. Infini Laser (Pt. 2)

Stacey Lynema, a physician assistant at Dr. Jennifer Reichel's office, sits down to answer common questions about acne scar treatment. In part two of this series, she explains two lasers that are commonly used and the benefits of both. VIEW NOW

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Can Treat Acne Scars

Dr. Parham Gharagozlou demonstrates the Erbium laser for treating acne scars. This laser can also be used to reverse some signs of aging, skin tightening, minimizing stretch marks and treating melasma. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates a Melasma Reduction Treating Using an Erbium Laser

Dr. Parham Gharagozlou demonstrates a session of melasma reduction using an Erbium laser with a Palomar Icon machine. People normally need 3-7 sessions for optimal results, and there is minimal discomfort. VIEW NOW

NightLase: You Can Reduce Snoring With a Laser Treatment (Pt. 2)

Dr. Chi-Hong Wong demonstrates a NightLase treatment, which will stiffen the upper palate tissue, the bottom of the tongue, and uvula. The aim is to reduce the intensity of snoring and improve quality of sleep. VIEW NOW

NightLase: You Can Reduce Snoring With a Laser Treatment (Pt. 1)

Dr. Chi-Hong Wong shares this video of a NightLase treatment to reduce the intensity of snoring by firming the bottom of the tongue, the upper palate, and uvula. VIEW NOW

Rejuvenate Tired Eyes With a Fractional Laser Treatment

Dr. Chi-Hong Wong demonstrates how a "tired" under eye area can be rejuvenated with a simple laser treatment. VIEW NOW

Acne Scar Treatment: Finding the Best Treatment for You

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's concern about the best procedure for acne scars, pores, and dull skin. He explains why there is no single procedure to treat her concerns, but rather a combination of procedures in a strategy. VIEW NOW

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Laser Stretch Mark Reduction: See the Results After the First Session

Dr. Parham Gharagozlou uses an erbium fractional laser to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on this woman in her thirties, which has already been minimized by more than half after her first treatment. VIEW NOW

Intensif RF Microneedling for Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Jason Emer explains how Intensif RF combines microneedling with radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen production and improve skin in terms of pores, scars, complexion, skin tone, and tightening. VIEW NOW

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All About Rosacea: Causes and Recommended Treatments

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the safety risks in microneedling treatments for those that suffer from rosacea. He focuses on the causes of rosacea, as well as recommended treatments for the condition. VIEW NOW

This Young Man Gets a Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment to Improve His Skin Texture, Tone, and Clarity

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates the Clear+Brilliant Laser on this young man to improve the texture, tone, and clarity of his skin. Because it is attracted to water, it is safe to use on any skin type. This treatment has minimal downtime. VIEW NOW

Scar Treatment: When Is the Right Time to Consider Microneedling and Other Scar-Healing Procedures?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses whether the best time for microneedling is when scars are fresh, or when they're a bit older. VIEW NOW

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Clear + Brilliant Laser: Treat Sun Damage and Fine Wrinkles on the Chest, Neck, and Breast

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian demonstrates the Clear + Brilliant fractional laser treatment for the décolletage area and describes what it treats. VIEW NOW

Neck Rejuvenation: No Facelift or Neck Lift Needed

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this woman's concerns about rejuvenating her neck area and if her age is appropriate for a facelift or neck lift. He discusses limited face and neck lifting techniques, as well as non-surgical skin tightening options. VIEW NOW