1 Month Post-op + Fractional Laser

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Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Collagen Remodelling?

I have a severe acne scar and to remove it, I have done a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing 1 month ago. However, I did not see any dramatic... READ MORE

Post-fractional Laser Redness After 4 Weeks: How to Make It Go Away Faster?

Dear doctor. Good day. I'd had fractional laser on both cheeks to minimize acne scars appearance on 2nd September 2012. The dermatologist promised me... READ MORE

Treatment for Scarred or Enlarged Pores?

Hello there, I have underwent fractional CO2 laser resurfacing about a month ago and I'm getting pretty good results for textured scarring. However,... READ MORE

Red Mark Left by Fractional Laser? (photo)

I was submitted to a fractional laser treatment to remove a small mark left by a previous laser treatment. You can see the first small mark, and the... READ MORE

hyperpigmentation after fractional co2 (photos)

I have fractional laser last 5 weeks for heal stretch mark but may skin still darker than normal skin. My doctor say its normal but she don't know how... READ MORE

20 days post op Co2 Fractional Laser, my face has red bumpy dots. Is this normal? (photo)

I did Co2 Fractional Laser 20 days ago. The first week my face looks red like sun-burn which i know it is normal. On the beginning of second week, it... READ MORE

Can You Take Me Medicine for Pigmentation? (photo)

I had fractional co2 laser on my chest 5 weeks ago .but it has pigmentation and my doctor did not give me any medicene.can you tell me medicene for... READ MORE

Stratamed gel after fractional laser?

I've done fractional laser to treat my acne scars month ago, then my DR subscribed Stratamed gel 10g combined with Zarotex & Contractubex daily,... READ MORE

Semi-ablative Fractional left me with indented red scars (5th week after the said procedure). Is this normal? (photos)

I don't know if this is a botched procedure but I really feel like my dermatologist is not telling me the truth so I am posting here to ask the real... READ MORE

I had fractional laser treatment 4-1/2 weeks ago. IPL work great. My face swelled, I could barely open my eyes. Blisters (Phtoo)

Will my 30-40 blister scars ever go away? What can I do? Also I have big brown and red patches all over my face, particularly around my mouth and... READ MORE

Dark Circles Around my Eyes Got Worse After Fractional Laser. Is This Permanent? What Are My Options?

Hello, I did Fractional laser last month because of my dark circles around my eyes. But it looks worse now. I'm depressed. The area that had been... READ MORE

How Soon After Smartskin Fractional CO2 Laser Can I Get ViPeel?

I had a Smart Skin CO2 laser procedure performed under eyes 4 weeks ago. Is it safe o have a ViPeel now? Thanks! READ MORE

4 Weeks After Full Face Fractional Co2 Laser my Face is Very Sensitive. Options?

Hi. 4 weeks ater full face fractional co2 laser my face is still very sensitive and even cetaphil, sorbelene make it sting. I can't use sunscreen... READ MORE

Dots After Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment (SmartSKin at medium setting) under the eyes 4 weeks ago. My skin there has these miniscule dots left that are... READ MORE

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