Upper Lip + Fat Transfer

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How Does Pregnancy Affect Fat Grafting?

I am considering Fat grafting to my cheeks, jawline and above upper lip. I am 31 years old and have suffered from major facial atrophy. How does... READ MORE

Super Swollen From Fat Grafting 12 Days Ago

12 days ago I had fat grafting to my laught lines upper lip and under eyes also a nose job... I'm super super swollen I look like Joan rivers I... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Thicken Skin Under Lower Eyelids and Above Lips?

Hello, I'm 24 years old with very thin skin especially around my eyes and lips. I moisturize and wear sunscreen everyday but I still have lots of... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Lump in Upper Lip After Fat Grafts?

I've seen the responses to this question on the site....BUT my lump is still in my upper lip and it's been a year since I had the fat transfer... READ MORE

Had facial fat transfer 3 days ago. My cheeks are way too big & my upper lip area (between my lip and nose) is puffy. (Photo)

I did not have fat injected into my lips so I'm thinking that the puffiness is coming from the fat graphs to the nasolabial folds. My face is... READ MORE

Seeing Results from Fat Injections to the Upper Lip

How long after Fat injections does it take before you see your final result? READ MORE

Wrinkles reappear soon after face fat transfer, is this normal?

I have fat transferred on my forehead V wrinkles, on upper lip wrinkles and on nasolabian folds this August.After the procedure, the V wrinkles and... READ MORE

Upper Lip Fuller on One Side Than the Other After Fat injection (photos)

After having Fat injection in my lips why does one side look fuller than the other? READ MORE

Is it common to require a second treatment, 3 months later, of fat transfer for lip enhancement?

On Dec 8th I had fat transferred from my stomach to my upper lip. I paid $500 USD for the treatment. After the swelling was gone, I saw no change in... READ MORE

Had a fat graft in my upper lip last tuesday (nov18) -no pain, just swollen & stiff. You can't see my top teeth when i smile :(

Im wondering if this is normal & if its permanent or just temporary. also wanting to know how long the estimated full recovery time is. is there... READ MORE

Fat grafting; my smile looks clownish and my upper lip doesn't move. Is this permanent? (Photo)

I had fat grafting over two weeks ago and my face looks great. However my smile looks clownish and my upper lip doesn't move. My teeth use to show... READ MORE

Fat transfer to upper lip uneven after procedure; is it normal? (Photo)

After the procedure my right upper lip are bigger, more swollen than left. When i touch the left i feel its flat, no pain, no swelling while touching... READ MORE

My upper lip are unsymmetrical. Any suggestions? (photos)

One month ago i had fat injection in my upper lip but 3 weeks later the left side was smaller than the right side my doctor injected my lip with... READ MORE

How can over-corrected fat transfer to lips be corrected? (photos)

I had fat transfered to my lips over 4 weeks ago and my upper lip seems to be over-corrected and makes me look very weird. There seems to be a... READ MORE

I had facial fat grafting. Will all natural movement return? (Photo)

My mouth will not move, my smile looks awful! My cheeks look like a clowns. Biggest concern is my smile, will it look natural again? How long? I feel... READ MORE

Lipofilling upperlip. When will the swelling get better? (Photo)

I have do a lipofilling 8 days ago in my upperlip ,but she is so hard swollen at the sight en die other sight is tinner ,a can't not go out with these... READ MORE

Will my upper lip go down? Can fat be sucked back out if it doesn't? (photo)

I had fat transferred to my lips about 50 hours ago, which is how long I was told it would take swelling to subside. I'm currently freaking out... READ MORE

Uneven too full upper lift fat transfer - need a doctor to correct - Europe preferably (Photo)

I had a fat graft done to my lips over ten years ago and I've been looking for a way to fix them ever since. They make me look very fake and the upper... READ MORE

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