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How to Treat the Lump on Breast After the Fat Transfer?

I have done a fat transfer to breast 10 days ago, however, i noticed an obvious lump on my left breast while the right breast is not so serious. It... READ MORE

I Have Had Fat Grafts to My Cheeks 5 Months Ago. I'm Overstuffed and Uneven. What Can I Do?

Will microliposuction remove part of graft or is the grafted fat too fibrous to do liposuction evenly and not damage and intrude on rest of my face?.... READ MORE

Can I Inject Fat into my Hips to Even out my Body For an Hourglass Shape?

I have a 29" waist and love handles that are 38" at the fullest part. When the love handle curve ends, the line goes in and then goes out... READ MORE

How to Reverse a Fat Transfer to Cheeks? (photo)

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks 9 months ago and regret it. It is uneven and makes me look gaunt. When I smile the unevenness is more noticeable.... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Fat Graft: Should I Be Worried About Uneven Cheeks?

It has been 2 weeks since my cheeks have been fat grafted and I still look like two different people on each side. I have been hiding one side with my... READ MORE

3 Months Post Face Fat Transfer; One Side of Face is Still More Swollen Than the Other.

I had a full facial fat transfer 3 months ago. Immediately post-op , one side of my face was much more swollen than the other and remained so. The... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my face, too much fat was put in and face is too round. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer to my face and way to much fat was put in. I did this 8 months ago. I was filled with so much fat to the middle of my cheeks all... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Fill Buccal Area?

What causes lumps after Fat grafting? If the doctor does not overfill and uses microinjections, would that mean that I will not get lumps and uneven... READ MORE

I did a fat transfer in the face but something went wrong? (Photos)

I did fat transfer, but even now that has passed 2 years I still feel the under eyes area swollen and hard with uneven bumps. What can I do now? What... READ MORE

8 Days Ago I Had Fat Transferred into my Lips and I Don't Like It, How Can I Even it Out?

8 days ago I had fat transferred into my lips and I don't like it. I lost my signature smile and don't even look like myself. Is there... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face, Uneven Facial Muscles? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and when my face is relaxed my right lip droops a little. looking back @ old photos, it seems i was born this way. i feel like i look... READ MORE

Face Fat Grafting Caused Uneven Chin? (photo)

I had fat grafting on my face because i had condition that required me to do it , or i would ive never done it .im under 30 and im killing myself over... READ MORE

Fat Transfer from Waist to Calf - No Results

Hello, about 4 month ago i have a surgery where the doctor remove fat from my waist and put in on my calf. But after 3 month my legs looks the same...... READ MORE

How Can I Smooth out my Visible Fat Grafting on my Nasal Folds

I had fat transfer to nasal folds six years ago. The right side turned out to be amazing. The left side is horrible. My face looks lopsided. You can... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For Fat Transfer in One Breast Only? I Have Uneven Breasts and Already Had Encapsulated Implants Removed.

I am 42 5'2" & about 130 pounds. I had breast implants 20 yrs ago. They encapsulated and caused me lots of complications. I got them... READ MORE

Can I Get Fat Grafting Into Butt to Make More Even? (photo)

I seriously want to fix the dent in my butt from a steroid injection when I was younger. It looks so uneven. Also there is a scar where the injection... READ MORE

Excess Fat Grafting Under Eye/Malar Area. Shows when I Smile and Makes my Face More Uneven. Can an Excision Be Made?

It's 20 days since i've done a lateral canthopexy and malar fat grafting, took from my own body. Besides the eyes looking as they did before surgery... READ MORE

Uneven Cheeks After Years of Fat Transfer?

Almost 5 years ago, I have had an overdose fat transfer to my face. doctor claimed that only 30% of the fat will remain, but it didn't go away so I... READ MORE

Is Naturalfill a Good Alternative to Fix Uneven Breast As Well As Butt Enlargement?

Hi, I'm 21 and I have uneven breast one is a D cup cup and the other is a B cup.Iv'e been considering the procedure being that it seems to be less... READ MORE

I had a bad Fat Graft while overseas. My cheeks are sagging & lips are uneven. Was too much fat used? (photos)

I'm 25yo female. I did a fat graft to my face 15 days ago (2 wks out post surgery) on the forehead, temple, front cheeks, chin, and lips and now I am... READ MORE

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