Sleep + Fat Transfer

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Tear Trough Rejuvenation: Fat Transfer or Fillers?

I'm in my late twenties, have had them for 2 years now. It developed due to prolonged lack of sleep. Considering two options: Either a lasting... READ MORE

How Do You Sleep After a Tummy Tuck and Fat Transfer to the Butt?

I dont want to lose my fat transfer by sleeping on it to much but then again i have a tummmy tuck that goes a lil more then half way in it hurts to... READ MORE

Should I Avoid Sitting and Sleeping on my Back After Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Can I sleep on my back and should I avoid sitting after lollipop lift with implants and lipo with fat transferred into my butt? I just underwent a... READ MORE

Will Sleeping on Your Side Affect the Result of Facial Fat Transfer?

I had facelift revision and fat transfer to face and lips 3 days ago and am able to sleep on my side. If i do, would this affect the position of the... READ MORE

How Long is It Necessary to Sleep with Head Elevated, Post Fat Transfer to Face?

My lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer to tear trough/ lower eye socket and upper cheek pad was done exactly two weeks ago. The eyes are 90% back... READ MORE

Does Sleeping on One's Face/side Potentially Affect Fat Transfer Retention?

I have a tendency unfortunately of sleeping on my face. Can the pressure affect the fat, and if so, would it only affect it for a short time... READ MORE

I can't sleep after fat transfer to buttocks & breasts. Is it more important to not put pressure on grafted areas or get sleep?

I am 8 days post-op. I realize getting both done at once is not often recommended. In any case, I am only getting a few hours of fitful sleep at night... READ MORE

How will sleeping on side of face after fat transfer to cheek affect it?

I slept on the side of my face by accident around day 3 or 4 after my fat transfer to the upper cheeks and still sometimes do (it's been 3 weeks now).... READ MORE

Would pressure/sleeping positions affect fat grafting on the face?

I sleep on my right side and wonder if pressing my face against the pillow would affect the fat grafts and cause asymmetry? Some doctors also advocate... READ MORE

Can I sleep on chest 2-months post fat transfer to male chest for indentation correction? (Photo)

I had autologous fat transfer 2 months ago by a reputable NYC board certified plastic surgeon. Healing well, though there is still some evidence of... READ MORE

Can absorbed fat in the hips 'take' after a second surgery?

I had a BBL in 2012 with fat transfer to my hips. Fat transfer took very well on my left hip which has maintained most of the fat, whereas my right... READ MORE

I slept on the side of my face 3 days after fat grafting, will this ruin my results?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks done 3.5 days ago. Last night I accidentally rolled over and slept on one side of my face/cheek. My face looks okay,... READ MORE

How to sit after fat graft to hips? Is sitting and sleeping on back ok?

I had 200cc of fat grafted to my hips 10 days ago. I'm really pleased with the shape my surgeon has given me. To avoid re absorption how should I be... READ MORE

What over the counter sleep medication would you recommend before Fat Transfer and Rhinoplasty surgery? (photo)

I'm getting fat transfer & a rhinoplasty in a week and I've been having trouble sleeping the last few weeks. I have a list of medications I can &... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for better Eye Closure? (photos)

I had a upper Blepharoplasty two months ago since then when i sleep or relax my eyes open about 4mm. My Surgeon removed to much skin or fat or both .... READ MORE

Fat grafting! Are you always asleep when getting fat grafting for face? Are there any specialists in Europe and London?

Fat grafting! I want to do fat grafting for my face and I wonder are you always asleep during the procedure or can you be awake? Also I wonder does... READ MORE

I had outer thighs/hip fat transfer, how much fat will survive?

Had outer thighs/hip lipo last October which left a dip on each of my sides & looking square... dr did a revision & it looks a bit better, but now... READ MORE

Fat transfer migration due to sleeping on it

Can fat transfer to the brows migrate because I slept on it 5 days post op ? Thanks a lot and best wishes Dark Poet READ MORE

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