Necrosis + Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration... READ MORE

Is surgery the only way to get rid of large amount of fat necrosis or hematoma 9 months after surgery?I had fat transfer (Photo)

I first developed an oil cyst on my breast about size of a popped & drained for about a week. Now is a scar.Through this time I've had several... READ MORE

What Is The Cause Of Fat Injection Discoloration 2 Months Post-Op?

I had a small amount of fat injected into my marionette lines 8 weeks ago it is lumpy upon animation and seems to have migrated up, there is a grayish... READ MORE

Hard Baseball-like Fat 8 Days Post Op

As soon as I came home from the hospital I had a hard ball of fat in each butt cheek. It's still there and I'm 8 days post op. Could this be necrosis... READ MORE

MRI Studies on Fat Grafting?

Hi, I had fat grafting done about 4 years ago and there is no question that whats underneath my skin is no longer fat but some other hard substance... READ MORE

How long does it take for fat necrosis to manifest after fat graft?

Hello , how long does it take to fat necrosis after fat grafting to manifest? What are the symptoms? The fat, after three months, is permanent (for... READ MORE

Do I have fat necrosis? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer to my hips 4wks ago. Healing was going well, up until a week ago the swelling on my left hip didn't go down like my right hip. As... READ MORE

What are the possible complications from fat transfer for lips?

Can the fat migrate from where it was placed? Can you form a lot of scar tissue? Can it become lumpy? What about necrsosis? Sorry for so many... READ MORE

How do I get back the periorbital fullness I lost via weight loss and how much does it cost? (photos)

How do I get the look in these photos? My eyelids used to be a lot fuller, but now they look more sunken in. I know this feature is critical for a... READ MORE

How to improve fat absorption after too much fat transfer to chin 3 days ago?

I have a slightly short chin before, but it is proportioned and after the doctor inject fat to my chin´╝îI looks like a drag queen. I don't want any m... READ MORE

Labiaplasty - Can fat be transferred to labia MINORA that are thin?

My labia are quite long so I have considered labiaplasty but I would also like them to be more full - shorter and thicker basically. Can fat survive... READ MORE

Dermal fat graft necrosis - did I cause this?

Hi I got dermal fat graft necrosis after about 15 years after the surgery. I got addicted to nicotine gum and chewed it for a few years before the... READ MORE

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