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Tear Trough Area Lump After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer done in April 2008, and after two weeks, a visible lump formed on my right cheek and a larger bulge on my left side, but it's... READ MORE

Correct Bad Fat Transfer Results with Blepharoplasty?

I had a fat transfer under my eyes because they were so hollow. Around 6 months later, there was an uneven swelling that hardened into uneven lumps.... READ MORE

Lumps After Upper and Lower Eyelid Fat Injections

I had fat injections to upper and lower eyelids (for hollow eyes) in the middle of December. A week afterward, I noticed lumps forming which have not... READ MORE

Can Eye Bags from Fat Transfer Be Corrected Through Blepharoplasty?

I am 25 years old and I have had fat injections under my eyes about 3 months ago. I had hollowness and dark circles around my eyes, and my plastic... READ MORE

Lumps and Infection After Fat Transfer to Breasts

I think I've been conned. Doctor and nurse assured me I could do smart lipo and transfer to breasts (transfer only costing an extra $500). Like an... READ MORE

How to Treat the Lump on Breast After the Fat Transfer?

I have done a fat transfer to breast 10 days ago, however, i noticed an obvious lump on my left breast while the right breast is not so serious. It... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting Gone Wrong? (photo)

I had a facial fat injected from my own body back in 2009 in Seoul, Korea. At that time my face was very round and deformed. Today, after 3 years I am... READ MORE

I Had Vaser Lipo and Fat Transfer to the Butt - Lumps Won't Dissolve

About 7 weeks ago I had lipo and fat transfer to my buttock. It was great at first then a huge lump formed and I could hardly walk. I was put on... READ MORE

What Steroid is Used to Fix Fat Transfer Lumps?

I am 25 years old, and have had fat injections under both my eyes to fill the hollowness about 3 months ago. Although the swelling has gone down and... READ MORE

Lumps on Nose from Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer on my nasal folds. The right side looks very good, but the left side has somewhat a lump. What should I do to make it lay down like... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know a Massage Technique for Lumps Following Facial Fat Transfer?

I had facial fat transfer to forehead, lips, nasiolabial and marionette lines. Most of the lumps are dispersing but I have one above my top lip which... READ MORE

Hard Lump After Fat Graft Removal

I am 3 months post fat graft removal by excision. However, I now have some hard lump in the area where fat used to be. Should I get steroid or 5-FU on... READ MORE

Hard Lumps in Buttocks After Fat Transfer

Is it normal for fat tranferred to buttucks to harden in golf size bumps after two months? READ MORE

Removing Lumps After Fat Transfer

How to remove fat lumps from my forehead after autologous fat grafting? I tried to massage them, but it doesnt really help. Is it helpful to use... READ MORE

Lumps Under Eyes After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer under my eyes over a year ago. The plastic surgeon overfilled this area and now I am left with bumps under my eyes. He has tried... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Icing 2 Weeks After Fat Grafting?

Lumps in cheeks after fat grafting (12 days ago). I have been putting ice on them, does this help or hurt? READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Fat Graft: Should I Be Worried About Uneven Cheeks?

It has been 2 weeks since my cheeks have been fat grafted and I still look like two different people on each side. I have been hiding one side with my... READ MORE

Permanent Lumpiness After Autologous Fat Injection?

I am getting a face lift in December. The surgeon recommended autologous fat injections for nasolabial lines. I mentioned this to my dermatologist who... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling After Lower Eyelid Fat Grafting

I'm only 9 days post op.. i had a lower eyelid fat grafting to fill in hollow lower eyes. My left eye has healed perfectly.. there is a hint of a... READ MORE

Second Fat Transfer - Will This One Work?

This is my second fat transfer. With the first one I had a infection and all the fat came out leaving me with a lumpy butt in a some areas. With the... READ MORE

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