1 Week Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Facial Swelling and Bruising After Fat Transfer to Cheeks, When Will it go Down?

I'm 5 days post from a fat transfer to cheeks. I'm incredibly swollen. bruising is moderate but my face is so distorted like Im cat woman. Had... READ MORE

I Had Lipo with Fat Transfer to Hips 1 Wk Ago. Way Too Much Volume. How Do I Kill Some Fat Cells?

7 Days ago, I had lipo done on inner thighs, banana roll, arms, tummy, PLUS fat transfer to outer thighs/hips to fill in an overzealous lipo from 3... READ MORE

My Face Seems Round and Too Big One Week After Facial Fat Transfer, Is It Swelling? (photo)

I made a facial face transfer last week on 09 feb 2012 & for lips also and till now my face is too big and seems strange iam afraid that it will... READ MORE

Put on 8 Pounds of Fluid After Lipo & Fat Transfer. Is This Normal?

Eight days ago, I had Lipo to inner things, tummy, and arms, PLUS fat transfer to hips. I went in to the procedure weighing a steady 127 pounds... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling After Lower Eyelid Fat Grafting

I'm only 9 days post op.. i had a lower eyelid fat grafting to fill in hollow lower eyes. My left eye has healed perfectly.. there is a hint of a... READ MORE

Is it Normal to have Tightness, Fat Clumps, Numbness and Tingling after Fat Transfer to Face?

I have fat transfer to my cheek bones, jawline, upper & lower lipps last week May 13th. My face feel frozen, my lips hardened like gummy bears... READ MORE

Facial Exercises After Facial Fat Transfer?

Just had fat transfer from abdomen to face. This is the 5th day after the procedure. Areas of my face feel hard an lumpy will these soften any time... READ MORE

8 Days Ago I Had Fat Transferred into my Lips and I Don't Like It, How Can I Even it Out?

8 days ago I had fat transferred into my lips and I don't like it. I lost my signature smile and don't even look like myself. Is there... READ MORE

Fat Graft Removal on Lower Eyelid and Cheek

I had fat graft done for minor dark circles a week ago. Doctor injected most fat on cheeks instead. He said 60 to 70 % will survive (new technology).... READ MORE

Should Fat Grafting with Stem Cells in Face Stay in Place if I Start Sleeping on my Side? (photo)

I had fat grafting with stem cells to my lips and face one week ago. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to sleep on my back and have awoken to find... READ MORE

I got lipofilling in my lips, to make them a LITTLE bigger. Is there anyway to UNDO this? Taking out the fat? (Photo)

5 days after i am very disappointed with the results, they look HUGE, they are itchy, and the worst, they look totally asymmetrical, and i dont know... READ MORE

Fat Grafts on Chin, Smile Lines, and Cheeks 5 Days Ago; Are Sore Lumps Normal?

My face looks great; minimal noticable swelling; no bruising. I saw the doc yesterday because I had a lump on my left cheek. He put me on antibiotics... READ MORE

Lumpy Area in Sub Brow After Fat Grafting. Does it Correct Itself With Time?

I am 10 days out of a fat grafting procedure to my brow, sub brow, temples, cheeks, marionette lines, and jaw. I am very happy with all areas except... READ MORE

I Had a Neck Lift and Fat Injections, Will I Smile Normally?

A week ago, I had a neck lift and fat injections to the face. I'm pleased with my results, however I am unable to smile. Is this normal? Is this... READ MORE

Fat Injections to the Hollows Under Eyes Are Clearly Visible

I know I'm probably over reacting, but I had this procdure done one week ago. All the swelling, and bruising is almost gone, but, I can "clearly see"... READ MORE

I can't sleep after fat transfer to buttocks & breasts. Is it more important to not put pressure on grafted areas or get sleep?

I am 8 days post-op. I realize getting both done at once is not often recommended. In any case, I am only getting a few hours of fitful sleep at night... READ MORE

Fat Transfer 'Take' Under Eye Hollows?

I've recently (1 week ago) had a fat transfer to correct under eye hollows. It was done via lipo, fat harvested & micro injections. I'm not very... READ MORE

Hard Lumpy Bulge on One Upper Cheek After Fat Transfer?

I'm 7 days after fat transfer, most of the swelling seems to have gone and left side looks natural, but there's a lumpy bulge on my right... READ MORE

Lip grafting done 5 days ago, when will the duck appearance and extreme lips calm down? (photos)

Had lip fat grafting 5days back wherein doctor suction fat from my back and made tunnel inside my both lips and grafted this fat. He says he have... READ MORE

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