Facial Reconstructive Surgery Videos

Will People Notice You Had a Facelift?

This patient shares her experience with her hairstylist after having a facial rejuvenation procedure. She decided to tell her hairstylist about the work she had done, but would they have known otherwise? VIEW NOW

Facelift Hidden Scars Patient Review

This patient shares her experience with scars from a facial rejuvenation procedure and shows where her incisions were made. VIEW NOW

Orbital Decompression Surgery Before and After Results

Young patient with bulging eyes due to Grave thyroid eye disease, underwent combined orbital decompression surgery, orbital rim (tear trough) implant, and lower eyelid retraction surgery. VIEW NOW

Removing a Metal Orbital Implant (GRAPHIC)

I am removing a metal orbital implant (placed after previous orbital fracture repair done by another surgeon) since it is causing the patient problems with eye movement and pain. VIEW NOW

Bulging Eyes Treatment (GRAPHIC)

Patient with inherited bulging eyes (due to shallow orbit, poor maxilla cheek bone) undergoes orbital decompression surgery, orbital rim (tear trough) implant placement, and lower eyelid retraction surgery. VIEW NOW

Earlobe Gauge Reconstruction Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Velargo, a New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon, discusses how the earlobe gauge deformity is repaired. VIEW NOW

Sunken Eye Repair Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

52-year-old female, with sunken left eye (enophthalmos) from prior orbital blow-out fracture, underwent repair with left orbital floor implant (solid silicone) placement. VIEW NOW

Tripod Fracture Repair Surgery and Results

Young male, with left tripod fracture (orbit fracture, zygoma cheek fracture), underwent repair using hidden incisions inside the lower eyelid and behind the hairline. VIEW NOW

Fat Grafting Treatment Areas and Results

The video describes the technique of fat grafting in different parts of the body and reviews the parameters that improve the success of the procedure. VIEW NOW

Face and Neck Lift Process (GRAPHIC)

Watch how Dr Justin Yovino performs a safe face and neck lift comfortably under Intravenous (IV) sedation without the need for general anesthesia. VIEW NOW

How to get Cosmetic Surgery Advice From a Doctor

Learn about Dr. Sophie Ricketts as she demonstrates how you can get in touch with her for any questions through RealSelf.com. VIEW NOW

Treating Scarring and Improper Healing With Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Dr. Frank Barone explains the benefits of regenerative medicine treatments like platelet-rich plasma, commonly known as PRP therapy, before treating this woman for discolored skin due to a lack of blood circulation caused by a previous surgery. VIEW NOW

Treatment of Complex Facial Deformities

Dr. Eric Stelnicki discusses the use Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP Orthognathics) to treat complex facial deformities related to craniofacial disorders. VIEW NOW

Solving Facial Asymmetry with Custom Facial Implants

Dr. Michael J. Yaremchuk joins us live from Los Angeles at PTSM 2016 to explain how our facial skeletons play a significant role in how we look, and how they play a role in fixing uneven facial features by creating custom implants. VIEW NOW

Stories of Hope: Helping Burn Victims in India

Every day in India, over 7 thousand people are seriously burned. Most don’t have access to the reconstructive surgery they need, leaving them ostracized, unable to find work, and often disowned by their families. Learn more: www.realself.com/giving VIEW NOW