Facial Reconstructive Surgery Videos

See This Woman's Osteoma Removal From Her Forehead (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs an osteictomy. A protrusion had occurred on the young woman's forehead giving her a slight "horn". Watch as Dr. Tehrani chips the osteoma away. VIEW NOW

Besides Aesthetics, Here Are Reasons to Consider a Facelift

The most common reason for people receiving a facelift procedure is for aesthetic purposes. Dr. Kevin R. Smith explains other reasons for a facelift including correcting facial paralysis. VIEW NOW

Watch How the Doctor Reconstructed This Man's Nose After Mohs Surgery (GRAPHIC)

After having his skin cancer removed, this man needed nose reconstruction. Dr. Earl Stephenson, Jr., walks us through the procedure. VIEW NOW

Learn About Facial Paralysis and Reanimation Surgical Treatments

Dr. Patrick Byrne talks about facial paralysis and techniques to reanimate the facial nerve, including nerve transfer techniques. He provides info on temporalis tendon transfer and gracilis free flap procedures, and on the placement of eye weights. VIEW NOW

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Mohs Reconstructive Surgery for Face, Head, and Neck

Dr. Patrick Byrne explains the difference between Mohs surgery and Mohs reconstructive surgery, what is involved and the post-surgery recovery. VIEW NOW

What to Look for In a Good Facial Plastic Surgeon — According to This Doctor

Dr. M Sean Freeman answers the question of what to look for in a good facial plastic surgeon, when considering surgery. VIEW NOW

How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon — Hear This Doctor's Advice

How to you pick the right surgeon for you? Here's what Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell recommends. VIEW NOW

What Can I Do About Bulgy Eyes? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban shares this young woman's surgery. See how he reduces the appearance of bulgy, protruding eyes. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect After Mohs Surgery — Your Facial Reconstruction Options

Dr. J. Jared Christophel explains the options available to those battling skin cancer. VIEW NOW


After Surviving a Bomb Blast, This Woman Seeks Facial Reconstructive Surgery — Hear Her Story

Hear the story of one young woman who sought Dr. Zoran Potparic's help after surviving a bomb blast. See her before and after surgery. VIEW NOW

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Facial Reconstruction After Skin Cancer: See Before and After Photos (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Samir Undavia shares his experience with facial reconstruction after skin cancer. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW


What Can I Expect After Facial Surgery? How Much Pain Will There Be?

Let's face it: surgery is a big deal. Dr. Paul S. Nassif discuss what to expect after facial surgery including bleeding, drainage, and swelling. VIEW NOW

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Using Fat to Increase Facial Volume Loss: What's Mine Is Yours

Prepare for a little something sci-fi. Dr. Shady Hayek explains how doctors can inject fat from another consumer to fill out areas you might want plumped. VIEW NOW

Picking the Right Facial Rejuvenation Technique For Your Age

Want to rejuvenate your look? Depending on your age, Dr. Michael Columbus recommends whether to research surgical or non-surgical options. VIEW NOW

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10 Years After a Facelift: Will I Still Look Good?

Dr. Mark Glasgold discusses the long-term results of facelifts lasting many years and shows examples of his patients. VIEW NOW