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Why Do Some Doctors Say to Expect Feeling Depressed After a Full Face and Brow Lift?

I had a face lift in the past, and felt for the most part, just fine. I had absolutely no depression or mood changes. However, some docs are not... READ MORE

Unhappy With Face/Neck Lift w/ Upper Bleph. Doc Recommends a Laser Facelift? (photo)

Sixteen months after my facelift, neck lift and upper blephoplasty I am unhappy with the result. My doctor told me it was because of my skin type. He... READ MORE

When Will Be the Best Time to Get a Real Face Lift After Going Througth the Fake Lyfestyle Lift?

I had a 0 result lifestyle lift on october 2011 I still have my sagging jawls and depper laugh lines and older looking due to to the remove of the fat... READ MORE

Not satisfied with results of "facelift." Is it possible to get better results than this? If so, doctor recommendation? (photo)

I had a facelift & lateral brow lift by a "board certified" plastic surgeon on 5/28/15. I am not satisfied with the results. I had the surgery because... READ MORE

What to do with unhappy facelift and cheek lift? I get married in four months. I am 3 months post op. (photos)

I had a facelift, cheeklift , fat removal from cheeks, fat added to nasal fold. I feel I don't look good, I look older and we spent 30 thousand. My... READ MORE

Update: Thanks all for advice. I took photos with regular camera (Photo)

I paid for face lift, neck lift, upper bleph, laser resurfacing under eyes, facial fillers, fat transfer, and botox I am very unhappy with results.... READ MORE

10 months post facelift, unhappy with hollowness. Is fat transfer the solution? (Photo)

10 mos ago had full FL with U/L blephs and fat transfer (that didn't take I think). Followed by 800 mc Sciton resurfacing 8 mos ago. (see reviews) 7... READ MORE

Awful neck 15 months after face and neckline - what went wrong? (photos)

Still very painful and pulling when try to look up with skin pleating and hard vertical lines under each jaw. Skin seems to be sagging more daily and... READ MORE

Quicklift 16 months ago. This is my neck now and incisions around my ears. This was a facelift. Not happy. What next? (photo)

I need help to know what to do next. My PS suggested Thermi tight procedure. I'm just so disappointed in the results of this facelift. It's like I... READ MORE

How does one end up with one pixie ear immediately post op? Is it a standard to match sides before finishing the procedure?

Facelift revised for persistent neck skin laxity. After 2 hrs (muscle tightened and skin removed), I went home to find one ear lobe stretched/deformed... READ MORE

I was told by my PS that my neck bands were too wide apart to sew together for a clean nice neck that I wanted. (Photos)

I had a Facelift on 1/24. At first I thought I finally had my smooth neck back but realized after a few wks it was actually worse, it was just the... READ MORE

A sausage-like bump on each side of my face after a deep plane facelift that makes me unhappy?

I had a deep plane facelift done 63 days ago. What can these sausage-like bumps be? They are soft. Its not swelling. (I have no swelling elsewhere)... READ MORE

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