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Swollen and Lumpy 3 Weeks Post-op Facelift/necklift - Is This Normal Healing?

I have just had face lift and necklift 3 weeks 5 days ago .  i am home from surgery abroad and my jawline looks amazing but hae quite a large... READ MORE

How Long Until Swelling Is 100% Gone After Face Lift?

I am 54 yo lady. I have done my face lift, eyes & neck in October last year and already 3 months now. All going good. I am satisfied and happy... READ MORE

Swelling and Bruising After Facelift

It has been 3 weeks since I had facelift as part of removing the cyst on my face. I experienced severe hematoma after the surgery, but it seems that... READ MORE

How Long Does the Swelling Supposed to Last After a Face Lift and Neck Lift?

My mom is 61 years old and she had a complete face lift and double chin removal, its been 4 months since she had the surgery and she still is very... READ MORE

Swelling 2 Weeks and 2 Days After Facelift, When Can I Expect this to go Down?

It has been 2 weeks and 2 days after my facelift. Only my neck has a little bruising. The swelling in face has gone down a lot but there still some.... READ MORE

Can a Too Tight Face Lift Improve with Time?

I have significantly noticeable bulges beginning slightly below either side of my mouth and radiating towards my ears where my skin has been pulled. I... READ MORE

Cheeks Swelling After Mid-face Lift?

I had cheek implants 4 years and I have been happy with these. My eyes looked very hollow though and a fat transfer was performed 25 days ago to... READ MORE

Steroids Injections to Reduce Swelling After Facelift?

Postop 7 weeks facelift, and necklift. Still have swelling near earlobe. My PS wants to wait 6 more weeks, before steroid injections. What is you... READ MORE

Six Months After Full Face Lift and Eyes Surgery...

I did my full face lift and eyes lift surgery 6 months ago in KL. Happy with the results. I went to see my surgeon 4 months ago to make sure... READ MORE

My Face is Swollen After Deep Plane Facelift, When Will This And Bruising Subside? Worried About Returning To Work.

It's been 5 days since my facelift. My face is swollen and the chin area is swollen. And there is bruising. Brusing can be covered with makeup but... READ MORE

I'm 9 Weeks Post Op Following a Face/neck Lift with Significate Pain Around my Ears, Face and Neck (Under Entire Jaw Line)?

I believe it is a combination of nerve pain/swelling. I have severe burning pain all the time around ears, face and neck. IIt's worse on the left... READ MORE

Hard Swelling and Brusing on Lower Cheek After Face Lift Three Weeks Ago

My wife had a face lift three weeks ago. After first week, returned to Dr's office, he noticed abnormal swelling on Lower cheek that was hard and... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce the Swelling on my Parotid Gland After Facelift?

I had a neck and lower face lift just over 2 weeks ago. It has been extremely painful and difficult to chew on my left side. Nearly all my swelling... READ MORE

Swollen / Puffy Cheeks & Lower Face After Forehead Lift, Midfacelift and Nose Job

I Just Look Weird,my Cheeks Are Puffed Up and the Lower Portion of my Face Swollen As! i used to have an oval shape face,now after a... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Mid Facelift Swelling More on One Side?

I did face lift and lower blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago. still have swelling. but my faces left sides swelling specilally under left eye have swelling... READ MORE

How Long Before Swelling Subsides After MACS Facelift?

Sitll really swollen 6 days after a MACs lift and Bleph. Should I worry? I am a non smoker/drinker, very healthy. I have followed instructions by my... READ MORE

Protruding Suture After Facelift Stuck on Something?

A suture from a previous Facelift that's just under the surface about two inches below and behind my ear poking out. The plastic surgeon in Costa Rica... READ MORE

Will lymph drainage massage help after a Facelift?

I have heard Lymphatic Massage helps against swelling after a FL. Is this true or just preformed because of the placebo effect? It is quite expense... READ MORE

Swelling or Malar Bags After Facelift?

Female, 38. Had a mid anterior face lift and a lower lid pinch bleph (no fat removed just small amount of skin). I am 8 weeks post surgery. I still... READ MORE

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