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Suture (Stitch/Thread) Remaining After Surgery is Ok?

After face lift, my surgeon took out suture (thread) and then I found out more sutures. So, my coordinator helped me visit and a nurse took care of.... READ MORE

When Should Facelift Sutures Be Removed?

How Many Days Post Op from a Facelift Should Sutures in Front of Ears Be Removed, for the best possible chance of limited scarring? Thank you READ MORE

Lump Behind Ear That Oozed, then a Blue Thread Appeared

5 months after a revision facelift......a tender area behind my ear became a hard lump. A month later it began to just ooze a little bit. Now that the... READ MORE

Difference Between Types of Stitches for Facelift?

If a doctor uses a rolling stitch, instead of the very fine sutures I have seen used by some physicians for facelift incisions, is it more likely to... READ MORE

Can Face Lift Fail Because Sutures Are Absorbed to Quickly?

Is it better to use absorbable or non-absorbable sutures? My SMAS failed. Nothing ever tore. Nothing sagged non-symmetrically, just none of the suture... READ MORE

Am I Having an Allergic Reaction to Long Term PDS and Permanent Sutures Used on my Face Lift Performed 10 Months Ago?

I have had ongoing issues along the areas where sutures were placed for my deep plane facelift. In addition to continued but lessoning swelling and... READ MORE

Nylon Suture Here and There After Facelift on June 19th, 2012. Isn't It Harmful if It Remains over my Life? (photo)

Now 73days after a facelift and brow lift, hair loss directly from scarring was noticed by Dr. Russo (head and face surgeon) in Carle general... READ MORE

Internal Sutures Snapping?

I had a complete facelift 3 1/2 weeks ago. I'm very happy with my appearance now; however, I'm still a little stiff and when I turned my head (not too... READ MORE

When Are Sutures Removed with a Full Face Lift, Forehead Lift and Small Chin Implant?

When Are Sutures Removed with a Full Face Lift, Forehead Lift and Small Chin Implant READ MORE

Facelift Sutures Permanent or Absorbable - How Do You Determine if a Facelift is Well Done?

If the sutures that stabilize the SMAS layers in their new position are dissolvable would that improve the longevity of the facelift? As the facial... READ MORE

How Common is It for a Suture Line to Rupture After a Tummy Tuck vs Facelift? (graphic photo)

This is after a face lift. The "stitches" had been removed and I felt something sticking out above the stitchline and gave it a little tug.... READ MORE

Some Stitches Popped After my Facelift - Do I Need to Have Them Restitched?

I had a face lift a little over a week ago. an area above my ear 2" opened up and an area in the temple about 2" opened up. Can I have them... READ MORE

Absorbable Sutures Broke?

I had a facelift 3 weeks ago and I am still swolen and my neck and skin near my ears is very stiff. Today I needed to blow my nose and i heard and... READ MORE

Are Sutures Ever Placed Horizontally in Back of Head at the Hairline?

Is it common to place sutures for a necklift (or lower facelift) in the back of the head, just behind the ears, but horizontally in the hairline? I... READ MORE

Sutures causing small bumps where the are working out after Zplasty on face. What should I do?

Three and a half weeks ago I had a burn scar removed from my face with zplasty. The stitches were removed six later and looked wonderful but now I... READ MORE

Superficial Level Soft ® Suture Threads with Polylactic Acid Cones?

I would like to know if superficial level Soft ® Suture "threads with polylactic acid cones is an effective solution for a naseolabeal wrinkles ... READ MORE

I might have a slight infection. What do you think? Do I need antibiotics orally? (photos)

Should I be worried. I'm seeing my PS in two days to remove sutures and staples and sent him this pic two days ago. The nurse said to bath and just... READ MORE

Facelift Results Depends on the Hands, Judgment or Both?

I have learned a lot from reading the answers from the physicians on this site, including "unfortunately, there is no guarantee that excellent... READ MORE

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