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How long is applying cold compresses effective? I still have swelling on my face and jaw line 9 days after surgery.

I am 9 days post op from a lower facelift and neck lift. 50 yrs old. I have swelling still on face and jawline and on right side along jawline I can... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Behind my Ears for Red Skin, Ridges and Scars, Please, Now I Am 7 Months Post Neck/facelift? (photo)

I have reddened skin, ridges & white scars behind my ears, a very tight scalp & sore tightness around ears. PS attached my lobes but they... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Ridges on Cheeks After Facelift? (photo)

I am nine months post op and I still have ridges on my cheeks. Will they go away and what is the best course of treatment to help them disappear?... READ MORE

Will a Ridge on Cheek After a Facelift Leave a Permanant Scar?

I am 5 weeks post op and I have a lump with a ridge under it as though the skin is sagging and I am concerned it is causing a deep wrinkle where the... READ MORE

Ridges on my Cheeks, Bulging Fat Transfers and Pixie Ears? (photo)

It's been one year since my facelift and I have some serious concerns. When I turn my head, I have very noticable ridges on my cheeks. I also had fat... READ MORE

I have a ridge/line near jaw after MACS facelift. Any suggestions? (photo)

My skin looks like it's pulled to much on one side creating a ridge /line with loose skin under it I'm only 4 days post op so hoping it's just... READ MORE

Hard ridge on cheek 3.5 weeks after facelift/neck. Do these go away? Do I need more surgery? (Photo)

56 year old male. Face still numb from cheekbones down to and under the neck along with this ridge on my face. Sort of wish I hadn't had the... READ MORE

Irregular Semi Soft Ridge Above Left Side Jawline 7 Weeks Post Facelift?

The ridge above jaw extends to lower ear. I've had 6 lymphatic massages and continue to work on this.It does seem better in the morning or after... READ MORE

I am 13 weeks post facelift. I have swollen areas in front of both my ears that extends below ear? (Photo)

I just completed a 5 day 4 mg Medrol dose pack after seeing my plastic surgeon for the persistent swelling ( ridge) in front of my ears and swelling... READ MORE

Is dense facial numbness and ridges normal 5 weeks out of surgery?

I'm a 56 year old male. I had a mid face lift and fat lipoed from under my chin 5 weeks ago. Probably the biggest mistake I've ever made. I still have... READ MORE

Follow up. Is this fat necrosis? (Photo)

5 weeks post facelift & fat transfer surgery. Ridges have not changed in weeks. Opened for aspiration, but solid. I have 6 large HARD bumps in lower... READ MORE

This is 8th day after my face lift, and I have a visible ridge around my face. Will it subside with the swelling?

This is 8th day after my face lift, and I have visible ridge around my face and along my jawlineg. It looks like it separates unshwollen part of my... READ MORE

Horizontal ridges on cheeks after facelift. Can this be corrected with surgery?

I had a facelift just over a year ago. After 6 months I began noticing some horizontal ridges on one cheek, as if the skin had been unevenly pulled.... READ MORE

Will ridges go away and will I regain movement of upper right lip four weeks post neck and face cosmetic procedure?

4 weeks ago I had necklift, facelift,blepharoplasty, lateral forehead lift, fat graphs & small chin implant. Still swollen around cheeks but... READ MORE

Scar tissue or cysts??? Numerous hard ridges and lumps after Facelift & fat transfer with no improvement at week 5.

I have developed numerous hard ridges in my cheeks and neck that have shown no improvement in the last 2 weeks. My face is so tight that I can not... READ MORE

4 wks po facelift healing fine except for these two unusual bulges with ridges, with this go away? (Photos)

Is it a hematoma on both sides from procedure for the jowls ? never changes day to day...and the more the surrounding swollen areas recede and... READ MORE

Within 3 days after surgery I had developed a hard horizontal ridge beneath the chin incision. What is this? (photos)

I am 10 days out of surgery full face lift & eye lift. Within 3 days , I had developed this hard rige under the chin incision. My Dr. Has never... READ MORE

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