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Will Lumps Go Away After Facelift and Necklift Surgery?

I am now 5 weeks after my operation and have had a 2nd opinion from my doctor regarding lump on side of neck ,, he says its a hematoma, and will go... READ MORE

Please give a medical explanation of how a hematoma heals, how long it realistically takes & possible effects on final results?

I had fl, nl & platysmaplasty 3.5 months ago. Had hematoma in neck which ps said didn't need treatment (other than massage after 3 wks) & would... READ MORE

Would a Handheld Ultrasound Unit Aid in the Healing After a Face Neck Lift? (photo)

I just had a face / neck lift 1 month ago. I have a hematoma in my neck and lumps, bumps, and raised rake marks on both sides of my face and neck. I'm... READ MORE

Is There Anything else to Do at Home for Possible Hematomas, Besides Massaging?

I had a facelift 4 weeks ago and have a couple of lumps in the cheek area. Still have bruising, possible hematoma and both sides of my face, close to... READ MORE

Hardening and lump after hematoma evacuation on cheeks following a facelift. Will this go away?

2 1/2 weeks post op. i developed hematoma day after a facelift. blood was drained for ten days (it was serum mixed with blood at the end). my face... READ MORE

Anything You Can Do for Hematoma Lumps and Bumps After Facelift? (photo)

I had a facelift 3 weeks ago and had a Hematoma a couple hours after surgery, My Doctor drained it but as the swelling is slowly going down the lumps... READ MORE

What does a hematoma look like?

I went to see a PA last week to check swelling in one side of face.It is a little swallen but more black and blue then the other side it will be a... READ MORE

6 weeks post facelift and filler removal. should I have lumps after hematoma evacuation? (Photo)

Had a deep plane face lift after removing permanent filler. developed hematoma on both sides. drained x 10 days. face looked nice after draining. a... READ MORE

Hard Asymetrical Swelling After MASC Lift Could It Be Deep Hematoma?

I am 7 days post-op MACS lift,my PS removed the bandages yesterday and i finished a course of antibiotics as of lastnight my PS said that my stitches... READ MORE

Deep scar tissue after facelift and consequent hematoma. What are my options?

6 wks post op. had a deep plane facelifet. developed hematoma symmetrically on both sides day after. Drained nearly every day. now i am left with two... READ MORE

Which laser is the best for hemosiderin staining on face?

I had facelift two months ago, had hematomas, and left with hemosiderin staining. When should treatment be started? And most importantly, which laser... READ MORE

What can I do to speed massive swelling at a hematoma site on my neck following a facelift?

I am 9 days out of surgery. I have been putting warm compresses on it 3 times per day for 20 minutes. It has been aspirated 4 times already. The... READ MORE

Can the Sides of my Neck Be Too Tight After Facelift?

Had face and neck lift Jan. 8th. Got hematoma behind right ear Drained with syr By 18th had hematomas behind both ears Left one smaller. Right one... READ MORE

Recovery from Botched Lower Face Lift, Left me with a Hematoma. I'm Receiving Treatments, but is this Permanent?

I had a lower face lift 18 months ago that left me with a hematoma in my left cheek that swells and goes down at will. I had such severe bruising that... READ MORE

Will heat help break up the scarring formed because of hematomas after my facelift?

I am receiving cortisone shots after have lumps on my face (hematomas) aspirated twice. Will heat help break up the scaring that has formed because of... READ MORE

How to treat and find the cause of lumps and bumps left after facelift?

2 months post op. i had hematoma. it was drained. left scar tissue which i am treating w kenalog, warm compresses, massage, ultrasound. When i smile,... READ MORE

How long it take for blue and red discoloration on sides of face after facelift to go away?

I am 9 weeks post op facelift. I had hematomas on that side of the face that were not drained until Days 8, 9 and 10. Much of flap is discolored... READ MORE

Face/neck lift. Looked good at 3 weeks but I developed a hematoma. What do I do now? Do I need a revision specialist? (Photo)

Face and neck lift, was looking good at 3 weeks,..dont know the kind of face lift that was done.i did have a hematoma develop on rt. . do I need a... READ MORE

After facelift with hematoma, my skin is attached to scar tissue, and other areas in lower cheeks. Could fat grafting help?

3 mos post op. developed hematoma day after surgery which left me lumpy. i also have adhesions and my skin feels dry. i lost volume and i would like... READ MORE

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