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My Ear Canals Feel Weird After Surgery, Will This Go Away?

One month after facelift/ neck lift surgery my ears are very uncomfortable. My right ear is worse the tragus (sp?) is tight sort of pushed in a bit. I... READ MORE

Can a Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Cause or Exacerbate TMJ Dysfunction?

I had a lower facelift 6 months ago and I have a lot of uncomfortable tightness around ears, jaw and back of head. Previous to the surgery I had a... READ MORE

15 weeks after neck/ lower face lift w/ removal of the SMAS, tightness is increasing w/ difficulty swallowing. Is this normal?

Intolerable tight, throbbing, vice-like band around face, neck & ears. Difficult & noisy swallowing. Neck/ collarbone skeletonized. Tightness &... READ MORE

I Had a Facelift and Have Bilateral Ear Numbness and Ear Discomfort. Is This Normal?

I had a facelift and have bilateral ear numbness and ear discomfort. Is this normal or a mistake or bad technique? Temporary or permanent? Also, one... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Who Offers Ultrasound for Facelift Tightness in Atlanta or Anywhere in Southeast US?

Some of the doctors on this site recommend ultrasound for tightness.I have quite a lot of uncomfortable tightness around ears and upper neck 5 months... READ MORE

Anything I can do to alleviate numbness, tightness & discomfort I continue to experience 3 years out from a full facelift?

My post op tightness & discomfort took MUCH longer to go away than expected. Didn't have any relief until 18 months out or so. After that, the... READ MORE

7 weeks following a Lower Facelift, what can I do to help the discomfort where the stitches were.

I went to my surgeon today for a follow up and told him of pain that felt like sharp slivers of glass where the stitches were. He didn't offer me any... READ MORE

Is it typical to be experiencing so much discomfort 5 weeks post op?

I had a facelift, neck lift and a long incision brow lift five weeks ago. I have visual and hearing sensitivity, dry eyes and a throbbing forehead at... READ MORE

14 weeks post face lift and neck lift - swelling under ear and lymph node and submandibular ptosis. (photos)

Post-op facelift/ necklift 14 months. few days ago discomfort under left ear. By end of day whole left side swollen under the jaw line.Past 3 days bad... READ MORE

Should I repair or replace Jaw Implants?

64 yo female who had a face lift and jaw implants (large) on 8/4/16. The implants are asymmetrical and the R side is not sitting on the jaw causing... READ MORE

Who can help me get to the bottom of why I still have pain and discomfort 3 years after having a facelift?

I would like to find a doctor who would be able to perform some tests to determine what is at the bottom of my continuing pain. I cannot believe that... READ MORE

Neuroma after facelift: should I have plastic surgeon fix it or a neurosurgeon?

Sad to say after two long years the feeling has not returned to my left ear after my face & neck lift. It has caused me so much discomfort . I... READ MORE

Tightness and discomfort 4 years after facelift. Only help has been low dose muscle relaxant. Why chronic discomfort and pain?

Low dose muscle relaxant seems to have lost its efficacy and I need it daily. Any ideas why I have chronic discomfort? Suggestions for muscle... READ MORE

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