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Cheek Swollen 2 Years After Facelift

I am 52 and had a full face lift and eye lift 2 yrs ago, the surgery took 8 hours and the right side of my face was quite bruised and swollen for... READ MORE

Face Lift After Kidney Transplant?

I am 36 years old and I have the typical "chipmunk cheeks" caused by the predisone that I take for my kidney transplant. I am thin, but I... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Temporal Lift?

I am only 28 years old, and I believe too young for any type of Facelift. However, my eyes are very big and droopy, and I have Chipmunk cheeks. So, if... READ MORE

Can cheek implant sagging be corrected fully by midface lift?

I have high malar cheek implants, silicone 4mm. Can the tissue stretching be fully repaired by facelift. I feel that the implants have me a fat... READ MORE

What can I do about my saggy chipmunk cheeks?

I have these chipmunk cheeks, big cheeks that are kinda hanging, that have created a crease from my mouth (hard to explain) because of the "sagging"... READ MORE

I have swelling after my facelift. Is this normal?

My eyes look asian, my cheeks look like a chipmunk..Will I go back to normal? Terrified. Today is day 3 READ MORE

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