Ice + Eyelid Surgery

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Swelling - Ice or Heat for Fat Transfer/Bleph?

I am 5 days out of an upper/lower blepharoplasty and full face fat transfer. I am very swollen in my cheeks and my eyes are black/blue and yellow. I... READ MORE

Do Massage and Hot/cold Compresses Help Bumps Along Suture Line Post-bleph; if So, Details Re How I Massage and Apply Hot/cold ?

Do I massage the bumps directly? Do I alternate hot and cold compresses? Should the heat be moist? Is it ok to be using Tobradex on bumps? Surgery was... READ MORE

Ice Vs Heat Post-blepharoplasty or Fat Transfer?

What is the evidence, if any, on when and how to use ice or heat after a blepharoplasty and fat tranfer? READ MORE

Upper eyelid surgery 3 days ago (8/6/14). When should I switch (or should I?) from ice to warm compresses? (Photo)

Hello; I had my upper eyelids done Wednesday (8/8/14) morning. I'm seeing daily improvement with swelling & bruising. I used ice packs almost 24/7 for... READ MORE

Can ice help bring down blepharitis swelling & does the swelling ever go away?

I've had pisterior blephariris since November & my eyelid is really swollen & warm compresses aren't helping bring down the inflammation so I want to... READ MORE

Not Able to Ice Lower Eyelids Sufficiently After Surgery and Now Seem to Have Festoons

Seem to have developed fesoons. Can this be a result of not icing sufficiently post op? READ MORE

Is it normal for one eye to be uneven and higher incision than other after upper blepharoplasty surgery? (Photo)

I got my upper Blepharoplasty surgery 2 weeks ago and the swelling is still there. My incision on the left eye is a lot higher than my right eye. Will... READ MORE

I had upper eyelid surgery yesterday. Is this normal? (photos)

I had upper eyelid surgery yesterday and after living the office my eyelids started getting swollen , which the doctor said is totally normal. But... READ MORE

Four days post op from upper and lower blepharoplasty. The left eye is lower (Photo)

The left eye is dry and painful. Using lubricating drops. Will this resolve when the suture knots are removed next week and the swelling continues to... READ MORE

Upper & lower blepharoplasty post surgery care.

The Swiss Therapy Cold Gel Compress looks very comfortable. Will those be sufficient to use after my surgery or is an ice pak still required? I'm very... READ MORE

Just had lower bleph surgery. Surgeon suggested not to ice. Should I ice?

Confused as most reviews advise you to ice under eye for first 24 hours but my surgeon said not too. I have no incisions. Many thanks READ MORE

Should I continue to use ice packs or hot/warm packs to lower the swelling. or a combination of the two? (Photo)

It is 4 weeks after upper and lower eyelid surgery and a browpexy. The surgeon said the left eye browpexy had been done 'tighter' as the brow muscles... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery swelling concern. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm desperately trying to reduce the swelling within 4 days. I just got the stitches removed today and my surgery was 6 days ago. I don't really know... READ MORE

Had upper & lower blepharoplasty 6 days ago. Feel I am healing well but I'm noticing my left eye not responding as well? (Photo)

Upper and lower blepharoplasty 6 days ago. I notice my left eye is more swollen than my right. I'm hoping for more symmetry as healing progresses. I... READ MORE

I had Bilateral Upperlid Blepharoplasty two weeks ago tomorrow. Is this normal?

My eyelids are still really swollen. Under my eyes are still discolored and swollen as well. Is this normal? Is there something I can be doing to... READ MORE

Ptosis? Swollen looking eye? Feels weak and unnatural when I blink compared to my healthy looking eye. (photos)

Ive always had symetrical looking eyes. But I got a stye. I put ice on it for whatever reason and think i either may have injured my eyelid nerves by... READ MORE

How long should I be icing if swelling is still present after an upper and lower eyelid surgery?

Should ice be applied 20 minutes out of every hour? Should the ice bag be directly applied to the incision or should there be a cloth between the ice... READ MORE

How long before the darkness fades on upper eyelid surgery?

I had upper eyelid surgery done 4 weeks ago. I have been very diligent with the instructions to ice and then massage scars after 3 weeks. However, I... READ MORE

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