Bleeding + Eyelid Surgery

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Tore Stitches After Upper Eyelid Surgery

I had upper eyelid surgery and tore out a number of stitches 7 days later. My doctor looked at it and said that it would be more traumatic to restitch... READ MORE

Is It Normal for a Little Bleeding in the Eye to Occur After Double Eyelid Surgery?

I went to sleep with no problem, but I have a habit of moving around in my sleep and ended up sleeping on the left side of my face for awhile. When I... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Blepharoplasty, my eyes has been swelling and bleeding right after surgery. Is this normal? (photos)

Swelling in right was worse nothing is working. Dr is not concerned. Is this normal. It's been two weeks should I call dr again or give it some time.... READ MORE

Is it normal for blood to gush out of the eye after a lower blepharoplasty?

My mother had a lower blepharoplasty done today and she is very swollen under the eyes. One eye much more than the other. A few minutes ago, that eye... READ MORE

Can Small Amount of Blood Be in Corner of Eye when Stitches in the Lower Lid Dissolve?

When stitches on inside of lower lids start to dissolve, can drops of blood appear in corner of eye? READ MORE

Bleeding after chalazion surgery. How long will it take to stop?

How long after chalazion removal surgery does the bleeding stops? READ MORE

Is There a Great Deal of Bleeding with Blepharplasty Compared to Septoplasty?

Have a very minor bleeding disorder found when I had a septoplasty. Will there be similar problems with a blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Bleeding and significant swelling 6 days post eyelid surgery - normal? What do I do? (Photo)

Hello, My oculoplastic surgeon did upper and lower eyelid surgery 6 days ago + platinum weight insertion. There are internal and external sutures. The... READ MORE

Ptosis direct result of Upper Blepharoplasty 5 wks ago. How soon can I correct? This is a follow-up question. (photo)

Sep. 25th (5wks) had upper blepharoplasty. Severe bleeding. Dr. said didn’t see septum during surgery in left eye which now has ptosis. Ultrasound s... READ MORE

I had upper blephroplasty this morning after an hour I start bleeding from one eye , is it normal? (photos)

After blephroplasty I came back home by walk and was laying down in bed after some time I start bleeding in my right eye , is it normal or shall I go... READ MORE

Bilateral mullerectomy- L eye pointing in; vision in R eye darker than L, daily bleeding of unknown cause in L eye. (Photo)

Upper blepharoplasty 2 years ago left me w/ ptosis. Mullerectomy 5 days ago. R eye results were good and immediate. The L eye was much more bruised... READ MORE

Unknown whitish lesion on incision line following lower bleph, see photo with lesion circled. (photo)

Three months ago I had a lower eyelid bleph. Following the surgery I noticed a white bump on the suture line of my left eye. I pointed this out to my... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question - Upper Blethoplasty right eye. (photo)

Thank you for your answers and am providing more details. I am 4 months post upper right blethoplasty. My left eye has healed great, this right eye... READ MORE

How long does it takes for a patient to go blind after the symptoms of possible blindness occurs?

A patient has to contact the doctor soon when the symptoms of blindness occurs how much time does a patient have before he/she gets blind? And does... READ MORE

Bleeding following inner upper eyelid fat pad removal. I'd appreciate advice to prevent further problems & travel advice (Photo)

I had a fat pad removed from inner upper eye lid 4 days ago. (I had bleph and revision prior but still had the fat pad!) Used ice until 1 hr later... READ MORE

In my sleep I touched my upper eye lid and the scar bled. Is this normal?

I had the stiches removed today 5 days after the blepharoplasty. In my sleep I touched my upper eye lid and the scar bleeded. Is this normal? READ MORE

16 days out from mullerectomy- Infection? Crusted &matted even when awake during the day. What can I ask Dr to check for?

L eye- difficult healing, crusted in blood every morning for 2 wks and random bleeding every 2-3 days. It always resolves before I doctor sees it.... READ MORE

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