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Exilis Treatment-What Are the Risks? Is It a Laser?

I am interested in tightening up some wrinkles under my eyes and also removing some cellulite. Is the Exilis a Laser treatment? All I can find is that... READ MORE

Any Risk Using Exilis Treatment with a Thyroid Condition?

Dear Doctors, I had benign nodules in my right lobe of my thyroid. I am going for a second treatment for neck/jaw line tightening with Exilis, if here... READ MORE

Exilis: Is There a Risk of the RF Remaining in Your Body After Treatment?

Would the RF stay in your body after treatment somehow and be a risk to yourself in someway or to others if for example you hold a newborn baby after... READ MORE

Will exilis treatment on jowls and sagging skin under my chin have any effect on my dental implants, upper front teeth?

I'm 66 years old, have jowls and sagging skin under my chin, which hangs like a waddle! I understand the radio waves are attracted to metal. Will my... READ MORE

I have had two Exilis treatments so far on my face and neck. I also have titanium screws and a dental implant. What is the risk?

My doctor never asked me before my first procedure if I had any dental surgeries or had any metal in my jaw or mouth. Upon doing more research I asked... READ MORE

What are the risks as an operator using the exilis elite radiofrequency?

Can the equipment cause dermatological skin burns to the fingertips? READ MORE

Exilis Treatments During Pregnancy. Is It Harmful to Baby?

I just found out today that I am 5-6 weeks pregnant. I just finished 4 treatments of Exilis to the abdomen. I would have been 2 weeks pregnant when I... READ MORE

Is There a Risk With Exilis If I Have A Mouth Full of Metal? Or a Chronic Cough with Swallowing Dysfunction?

Be worked on. I have a mouth full of metal, two gold bridges and many fillings. I wish to have my lower face, jowls and neck worked on will this be a... READ MORE

Is Exilis Safe and Successful for Calf Fat/size Reduction? Can It Cause a DVT?

I have never had a dvt but almost everyone else in my family has. Can Exilis cause or contribute risk for DVT if done on the leg? Also, I have... READ MORE

Are the RF Waves Used in Exilis the Same Waves As Are Used in MRIs, Cell Phones, Etc? Aren't These Waves Unsafe?

Are the RF Waves Used in Exilis the Same Waves As Are Used in MRIs, Cell Phones, Etc?  Aren't These Waves  Unsafe? update: I have... READ MORE

Is Exilis Safe for Someone Who Had Cancer 2 Years Ago?

I had breast cancer 3 years ago and a kidney removed 2 years ago-both with no lymph node involvement. Is Exilis safe for me? READ MORE

I have an apt to have the Exillis treatment for tightening my neck. Are there any risks if I had a vertebrae fusion w/ titanium?

I had vertebrae fusion C 4-5-6-7 approximately 12 years ago. I now have a titanium plate and screws. Would this prevent me from having this treatment.... READ MORE

Are there any reproductive risks with Exilis Elite?

Are there any risks to your ovaries or reproductive system if you have exilis elite treatments done on your lower and upper abdomen. The fact that... READ MORE

Is having a teflon mechanical aortic valve a risk in having Exilis treatments for tightening of the underarms?

Sinxe it is not recommended for people with mechanical heart or defibrilator.. Is a mechanic valve also a risk? READ MORE

Radiofrequency vs Infrared for skin tightening. Is there less risk of dents/delineation with one vs the other?

Radiofrequency (Exilis, Infini) Vs Infrared (Titan, Skintyte) for skin tightening. Is there less risk of dents/delineation with one vs the other? READ MORE

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