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Endermologie: Yes or No for Poor Skin Laxity

Hello, I have CELLULITE and very poor skin laxity. I'm considering ENDERMOLOGIE however was told that the rollers do stretch skin and should... READ MORE

Endermologie for Liposuction Lumps?

I had a Liposuction on my tummy and back 2 weeks ago. I feel lumps even though I've done 9 lymphatic drainage massages. Someone told me to do... READ MORE

Does Endermologie Make Cellulite Worse Before It Makes It Better?

I have had Endermologie before but I was unhappy with the service and had no results. But a therapist I know told me that the old therapist did not... READ MORE

Will Endermologie Help After Smart Lipo As It Does for Traditional Liposuction?

Will Endermologie help after Smart lipo like it does for traditional liposuction? If so, how long after my surgery can I get started on Endermologie... READ MORE

Does Endermologie Help Significantly After Liposuction?

I'm 5'5, young, with good Bmi and had a Brazilian butt lift 2 days ago. I gained weight for the procedure. An endermologist suggested me to... READ MORE

Which Has Better Results: 3 Sessions of Ultrashape or 10 of Endermologie?

Trying to get rid of belly fat and fat around the waist as well as cellulite. I am like 12 pounds over the weight I would like. READ MORE

Endermologie for Belly Fat After Pregnancy?

I had a baby 5 months ago and in my belly area near my C-section, I have lots of fat that I can't get rid of with sit-ups. Will Endermologie work for me? READ MORE

Endermologie - Will It Work on Recurring Lumps from Lipo?

I had Lipo on my upper abdomen approximately 18 months ago and had a few lumps of scar tissue. Last week I had the surgeon break up the scar tissue... READ MORE

Does Endermologie Really Work?

Endermology is so expensive. Is it worth the price? I am thinking of having treatmetns. Please help. I am 48 years old, have difficulty losing fats. I... READ MORE

Will Endermologie Work for Lipo Ripples in Stomach?

I recently had a lipo of the stomach. It was my second liposuction and my West Hollywood, CA (Dr Dolores Kent) told me that she was completely... READ MORE

Will Endermology Reduce my Lower Stomach Pouch and Back Fat?

I am 22 years old and im 110lbs. I go to the gym frequently and eat fairly well. No matter how skinny i get, i cant get rid of the back fat and the... READ MORE

Will Endermolift Help With Sagging Skin On Neck and Chin?

Hi I was wondering if endermolift would help with sagging skin on my neck and under my chin? I also have creases along the sides of my mouth and under... READ MORE

Does Cellulite Manifest to Other Parts of the Body After Endermologie?

My body shape is perfect nor am I overweight. My only problem is the cellulite in my thighs that makes my body look unattractive. Is it true that... READ MORE

Does Endermologie Enhance Mesotherapy Results?

Does the Endermologie treatment provide an enhancement to Mesotherapy in getting rid of cellulite? READ MORE

Is Endermologie a Non Invasive Cellulite Treatment?

I recently tried a Lumicell treatment for cellulite on my legs and thighs. It was a series of 6 treatments of an hour each time. I didn't notice any... READ MORE

3 Days in Pain After Endermologie Session, is That Normal?

I had an endermologie session on Friday, today Tue. Im still in pain mostly around my ribs, I am a bit scared because everywhere I read a review... READ MORE

Weight Loss from Endermologie or Velashape?

I don't want to lose weight but I want to lose the cellulite on my butt. Will Endermologie or Velashape make me lose my curves or more of my weight? READ MORE

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