Will Endermology Reduce my Lower Stomach Pouch and Back Fat?

I am 22 years old and im 110lbs. I go to the gym frequently and eat fairly well. No matter how skinny i get, i cant get rid of the back fat and the stomach pouch i have. I have the skinny fat look going on. Will endermology work for me? The asthetic school by my house offers endermology for $40 pr session.

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Endermologie and fat reduction

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Endermologie is a great tool for smoothing contours after body contouring surgery, but will not reduce fat or shrink lose skin by itself in any way. 

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Endermology unlikely to reduce fat

While endermology gives the skin and tissues a nice massage, I have never seen it remove areas of fat. However by the look of the girls in the photo, there does not appear to be much of a problem. Maybe you are being too hard on yourself.


T. Wayne Day, MD
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