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Hard, Growing Bump on Ear After Otoplasty? (photo)

My son had an otoplasty in 2010. At the post-op consultation, I inquired about a small bump on the top part of his ear where it met his head. It... READ MORE

What is the Problem Behind my Ear? (photo)

Hi, about a year ago I did an otoplasty (right ear only) and I have notice that I have a bump on the top right of my ear. I don't know what it is or... READ MORE

Can a newly developed Cholesteatoma grow big enough to be seen behind the ear/mastoid bone to the naked eye? (photo)

Resulting in a bump. I had a cholesteatoma removed back in 2002-2003. After the surgery further down the road I noticed along with everyone else that... READ MORE

What is this bump on child's ear 6 months after otoplasty? (Photo)

Doctor had a hard time correcting left ear because it lacked tone. We eventually noticed small sore, bloody spot on the front of the ear. We started... READ MORE

Is this abnormal healing post-otoplasty? (Photos)

I am 7 and a half days into recovery. on my 6th day post-surgery, my bandages were removed. Three days into my recovery I began to bleed from my right... READ MORE

I was just wondering what this bump on the back of my ear possibly is? (photo)

It is painful and feels like it is full of fluid. It's not really hot? and is slightly red compared to the rest of my skin. How should I treat it and... READ MORE

I was born with a misshaped Conchal Bowl. I had surgery to "fix" it over 20 years ago but it's still not appealing. (photos)

As you can see by the photo the bowl is outward. My original surgeon had said his plan was to flip the cartilage over but it was so mangled it did not... READ MORE

My ear cartilage was fractured/split internally. No outer laceration. How long does the swelling subsides?

I think the majority of the swelling is gone now since its been a month but can there still be some swelling or is this as good as it gets usually? I... READ MORE

How long does cartilage swelling take to go back to normal if there was some impact to an ear that caused a little bump?

There was no fluid for this bump but there is a little white bump now that I've had for about two weeks. It's not hard but I'm wondering how long it... READ MORE

Revision otoplasty for Stahl's ear or helical rim correction? (Photos)

I had otoplasty for right ear 1 month back..the surgery was about folding the helical rim(Stahl's ear)..after the surgery the surgeon has not yet done... READ MORE

Ear surgery - questioning results.

I had a darwins tubercle on my ear and I proceeded to get it removed by a facial plastic surgeon who has done work on my family before. I got the... READ MORE

3 years ago, I had an otoplasty on my left ear. It is redder than the right ear. What could be causing this?

I do have a bump in the stitches behind the ear. My skin is ruddy but the left ear (otoplasty) is noticeably redder than the right one. Heat and... READ MORE

Can I fix a one ear deformity, and how costly would it be? (photos)

Greetings, I was born with two different ears. My left ear was pointy and not as fully developed as my right ear. I want to achieve somewhat of the... READ MORE

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